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Introducing Streak AI: the CRM co-pilot for teams in Gmail

Introducing Streak AI: the CRM co-pilot for teams in Gmail

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We’re excited to introduce our AI-powered copilot for your CRM in Gmail. 

What exactly is a CRM co-pilot? It’s like the sales ops role, AI assistant, and flawless memory that you’ve always wanted. It adds the most important data and deals to your pipelines, answers questions like “What did we decide in our last call?” and provides specifically tailored suggestions to move deals forward. 

Streak AI is uniquely powerful because Streak already exists in your Gmail inbox. This allows Streak AI to pull insights from your team’s interactions to keep your pipelines updated and give you precise insights when you need them. 

Our AI co-pilot assists you with three main areas in your CRM:

  1. Entering quality data to your pipelines
  2. Answering questions and providing better insights for all of your deals
  3. Customized CRM setup and data import without coding

Keep reading to learn how Streak AI can help you and your team spend less time digging through data and more time moving deals forward.

AI-powered data entry for your CRM

Regularly adding high-quality data to your CRM is one of the best ways to create accurate reports and make informed decisions. 

Streak AI keeps your CRM updated and makes sure you’re tracking all of your important leads with data autofill and lead import features. 

Autofill pipeline columns with AI-suggested data

A GIF of the AI autofill feature filling in pipeline columns in Streak CRM in Gmail
AI-powered data entry for your CRM

Data entry is one of the most important and most dreaded activities among sales reps. 

It takes enough time to dig through conversations, extract important data, and enter it into your CRM that reps often overlook this seemingly menial task - resulting in incomplete data and reports.

We don’t blame them. That’s why Streak AI allows you to autofill your pipeline columns with data from your conversations and deal history with one click.

Streak AI scans your team’s interactions and reviews the history of your deal, then suggests data to fill empty pipeline columns. Give it a quick once over to make sure everything checks out and click a button to instantly add the data to your pipeline columns.

Scan your inbox for new leads and deals

a screenshot of Streak's Smart Suggestions with a list of contacts to add to your pipeline
Use Smart Suggestions to fill your pipelines with contacts and organizations from your inbox

An overflowing inbox makes it hard to pick out quality leads to add to your CRM.

Streak AI makes smart suggestions about which contacts in your inbox should be included in your pipelines. With a click of a button, you can extract important information about each deal and create a new box to track your lead in Streak.

Each new box will include:

  • Contacts and organizations related to the deal
  • Your team’s interaction history with that contact and organization
  • Data about your previous interactions

Ready to start working the deal? Get instant insights and strategize next steps with powerful AI in the box view.

Precise insights and suggestions for every deal

Imagine this: you’re about to hop on a call or respond to an email, but you’re tracking hundreds of deals and can’t remember where you’ve left off with this one after months of back-and-forth conversations. 

Sound familiar?

Streak AI relieves you of the need to remember every detail and saves time digging through past emails and notes. It reviews all of your previous interactions with leads to accurately answer your questions and suggest next steps. 

Ask a question in natural language

a gif of the AI ask a question feature
Ask questions about your deals in natural language

Get answers fast by asking questions about your deals in natural language.

The AI Ask a question feature can answer quick questions, like figuring out who the decision maker is, or help you with more strategic queries like the best way to move a deal forward. 

Each time you ask a question, Streak AI reviews all of the information in your box and responds with a precise answer or tailored suggestion. 

Summarize a deal with one click

a gif of streak ai summarizing a box and suggesting tasks for next steps
Summarize deals with one click and add next steps

While most CRMs make you jump through hoops to fill in data and add conversations to your deals, Streak’s automatic email sharing means you’ll have a timeline full of your team’s emails and interaction history with your contacts.

In order to quickly understand what’s happened so far and how to move the deal forward, Streak AI accurately summarizes each deal and suggests next steps that you can easily convert to tasks in your pipeline.

Whether you’re a manager reviewing one of your rep’s deals or working with a lead yourself, this feature will help you quickly get up to speed and move your pipeline forward.

Plan strategic calls and meetings

a gif of a custom call log created by streak ai using past meetings and calls
Create custom agendas for calls and meetings

Streak AI helps you create strategic call and meeting agendas based on the deal’s history or a specific prompt.

For example, tell Streak AI to create a targeted agenda for an annual renewal call or to help ask questions that determine the decision maker for a certain deal. 

Don’t have a specific objective? Create an agenda to check in on topics of past conversations and propose new ways to move the deal forward. 

Customize your pipeline without coding

Streak has always been a highly-customizable CRM in Gmail without requiring hours of configuration and coding to end up with the right tool for the job.

Now, you can add formulas that typically require knowledge of JavaScript without any code. 

Describe a pipeline formula

a gif of somebody describing a calculation they want to add to their pipeline and streak ai creating a javascript formula
Add logic and calculations to your pipelines without coding

Add logic and calculations to your pipelines to calculate commission, probability to close, deal sizes, and more. 

Just describe the formula you want to use in natural language to create a formula column in your pipelines. Streak AI will smartly identify which columns need to be used and write a JS formula for you.

Learn more about Streak AI

Streak AI has already helped hundreds of beta users save time and get more insights from Streak, and this is just the beginning. Learn more about AI features coming soon at

Need help with our AI features? Visit our Knowledge Base to find FAQs and step-by-step instructions.

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