CRM for Fundraising

Manage Funding Within Gmail

Communicate At Scale

Organize Investor Email

Conversation with investors (and potential investors) naturally occurs inside Gmail. Easily keep track of where each investor is in the fundraising process.

Move Fundraising Forward

Always know what needs to happen next for the investment to move forward. Actively manage your potential investments.

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Share Email With Your Co-Founders

Sharing is Simple

Unify your communication without the need to CC. Read a full history of email between an investor and your company even if the original email isn’t addressed to you.

Automatic Filtering

Filters take the work out of associating email with the correct investor. Streak will know how to categorize an email based on email address and context.

Individual permissions

Maintain control over which investments are shared with whom on an individual user basis.

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Simple Follow Up Reminders

Move Investments Forward

Use reminders to regularly check in on progress. Take control of ensuring deadlines don’t slip.

Full Context

Leave future you a note about the specifics of a reminder. Additionally, everything about a potential investment is provided in the sidebar.

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Keep Potential Investors Engaged

Follow Up On Deliverables

Easily check in on promised paperwork by automatically bringing the email back to your inbox.

Don’t Let Good Conversations Die

Having an interesting chat with a potential investor? Bring the email back as unread if no one replies within a certain period of time.

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Automate Updates to Investors

One Email, Many Recipients

Mass mail your investors with Gmail powered Mail Merge.

Make it Personal

Templates add custom fields so you can customize each email according to the recipient. Any field from Streak may be inserted using the templates function. For example, create a “Custom Intro” Field to add a personal greeting for every investor.

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Compare Terms Inside Gmail

Store All Investor Data

Add as many fields as necessary to capture all the data about your investors. Streak accepts an unlimited amount of metadata

Manipulate Data Inline

Write powerful formulas inside Gmail and quickly evaluate different terms. For example, create a calculation to see valuation, dilution, or any other data point important to your decision. Unify your external spreadsheets and your conversations.

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Streak is simple to install and comes with a pre­-built, elegant, fundraising pipeline. Your pipeline is super flexible - customize as you go.

Frictionless Migration

Coming from another CRM? No problem! Migrating to Streak is as simple as importing a CSV file.

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Try Streak free for 14 days. It takes seconds to install. And because you already know how to use Gmail, you’ll master Streak in minutes.

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