CRM for Support

Transform Gmail Into a Support Queue

Improve Support Using Gmail

Leverage Existing Email

Streak is a tightly integrated extension of what you do in Gmail everyday. We add functionality without changing what you love about Gmail.

One System

Save time and money by using Gmail instead of maintaining an external system. You’ll never need to train a new team member how to use your Support system.

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Automate Your Responses

Dominate Your Most Asked Questions

Snippets fill out full emails (subject included) to commonly asked questions with a simple key command.

Share Your Best Answers

All collaborators have access to the same library. Snippets are editable, so you can continuously refine and improve your Support responses as a team.

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View a Customer's Full History

Understand Who You’re Talking With

Access the full support history of a customer. Know if you’re talking to a long time customer experiencing having their first issue or a frequent user of Support.

Easily Share Email and Files

Read email from other departments even if you aren’t on the original email (dependent upon your Permission Role). Quickly access the contract to check the service tier.

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Keep Support Front and Center

Pin to the Top of Your Inbox

Stay up to date with your support queue by placing the incoming issues at the top of your email.

Be Alert

Create a custom view to filter for key clients or significant bugs and be alerted to items that require your immediate attention.

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Mail Merge from your Support Queue

Mass Mail All Users Affected by the Same Issue

Website down? Shipping affected by a tornado? Efficiently communicate to a large group with just one email.

Personalize Your Support Message

Templates create a personal connection with your users by inserting the appropriate name, company, title, or custom text.

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Beautiful Support Analytics

Uncover Trends

Take control of Support so you can answer questions before they’re asked. Track of how long it takes for a support request to be closed.

View Individual Contributors

See which support representative is crushing the support queue.

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Improve Support in Under a Minute

Simple Installation

It will take you longer to read this than to install Streak.

Pre-built Support Pipeline

While Streak is customizable to your process, we already set you up with an thoughtfully put together Support Pipeline. What can we say, we’re as passionate about great Support as you are.

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Try Streak free for 14 days. It takes seconds to install. And because you already know how to use Gmail, you’ll master Streak in minutes.

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