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Multi-team support

Because everyone should use a CRM, from sales to hiring to support

Custom permissions

So you can control who has access to your information

Data validation

To make sure your team is consistent and accurate

Reporting tools

So you can visualize your teams progress

750K+ happy users

Streak was so easy to get started with. I was up and going in about 30 minutes with my pipeline. I love that it is right in my gmail.

Reza Shirazi

Senior Product Manager | AffiniPay

Streak is amazing. It helps me manage my leads and follow through which each one. It brings me up to speed with all my clients and helps me stay organized. Love it!

Steven Llano

Consultant | Llano Media LLC

I use Streak primarily for my hiring. It allows me to manage people in every stage of the hiring process, continually stay in touch, and keep notes on each person. I could not live without it.

Shelby Black

Freelance Journalist

Streak is great! It keeps me organized, reminds me when to follow up, and puts all the historical information I need for my client and prospect interactions in one place.

Becky Schroeder

Owner | KBS Network Builders

I've used it for 2 years now. One of the very few extensions I use on Chrome and probably the most useful one.

Ramona Jar

Medical Marketing Manager | The Medically

Works with your existing tools and workflow

G Suite

Directly integrated with G Suite so your work can stay in one place


Over 1000+ integrations through Zapier, the easiest way to integrate your workflow with other tools


Build custom integrations or integrate with internal systems

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