CRM for Partnerships

Manage partnerships across your entire Business Development team

Manage partnerships from Gmail

Transform your inbox

Everything you need to "win" more partnerships and maintain existing relationships without ever leaving Gmail.

A single powerful, efficient system

No need to log into a different system to track your activities. Work with, not against, your CRM.

Intuitive design

Streak is the elegant solution that your whole team will actually want to use. Be confident your team is actively using CRM and the data is up-to-date and reliable.

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Stay nimble

Evolve with your sales process

When your sales strategy changes, updating Streak is immediate and intuitive. Add a new column of any type, rearrange stages, or delete data at any time.

Comprehensive data input

Whatever you want to keep track of, Streak is ready. Columns are specifically designed to accept numbers, free form text, drop down menus, check boxes, and anything else you could possibly need.

Custom views

Use all of your different data points to filter all the information in your pipeline into custom views of your deals.

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Easily share email

Sell collaboratively

All collaborators on an opportunity can read full emails even if not included on the thread. For example: If Edward and Lucas are working a sale to Widget Co, Edward has access to all email between Lucas and Widget Co.

Deep integration

Streak can link together the communication of separate teams. Working an upsell? Know if they've contacted support and read the full conversation - all without leaving your inbox.

Control access

Maintaining data control is easy with Permission Roles. Share everything within the Business Development. Or, restrict access for your lead qualification team.

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Track your outgoing email

Know when to follow up

Tracking notifies you when, where, and how often a email is viewed. Use Streak to call a lead in the exact moment they’re thinking about you.

Get feedback from email

Do more people open an email with a particular subject line? Do many people read a message but not respond? With Streak, your email talks to you - even if your leads don’t.

Sort by recent activity

Streak creates custom views in your sent mail folder. Easily see everyone who has recently opened a message AND all recipients who have read your email but not yet replied.

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Create mail merges

Simple process

Streak eliminates the complication of mass mails. Write your message, select a list of recipients, and send.

Customize with templates

Bring an easy personal touch to every email using templates. Make more effective first impressions, relevant follow ups, and more.

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Enable extra inbox visibility

Sort precisely

Pin the deals that matter right now above your Inbox. Our powerful filters allow you to set very specific criteria.

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Click. Install. Sell.

Back to selling in under a minute

Streak is simple to install and comes with a pre-built, elegant, sales pipeline. Your pipeline is super flexible - customize as you go.

Frictionless migration

Coming from another CRM? No problem! Migrating to Streak is as simple as importing a CSV file.

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Still not sure?

Try Streak free for 14 days. It takes seconds to install. And because you already know how to use Gmail, you’ll master Streak in minutes.

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