✨ Streak AI

Your team’s CRM co-pilot

AI-powered data entry, precise insights, and tailored suggestions to help your team make informed decisions.

More data, less digging

Find insights quickly

Understand all of your team’s deals and opportunities with automatic summaries of past communication and recent updates

Coming soon

Slice & dice your data

Create custom dataviews by describing what you want to see in natural language

Get answers fast

Ask questions in natural language to learn the history and details of any deal

Prep-less meetings

Use an AI-suggested meeting agenda template based on your calendar and previous notes

Put your pipeline on autopilot

Automatic data entry

Review and approve AI-powered data entry and deal updates

Coming soon

Custom-crafted email sequences

Input business details and goals to generate tailored, high-converting emails and follow-up message sent at just the right time

Coming soon

Personalized replies made easy

AI-drafted responses to emails in your inbox based on your past interactions and communication style

Tailored to your business

Perfectly tailored pipelines

Let our AI chatbot design a pipeline customized for exactly what your business needs

Coming soon

Customize without code

Add custom logic and calculations to your pipelines with natural language

Connected to your inbox

Automatically fill your CRM with relevant opportunities and contacts from your inbox

What’s next?

Every aspect of Streak will become smarter, more useful, and easier to use with AI

Ask questions, 
get reports

The easiest way to build reports for your team’s performance

Describe your ideal integrations

Customized automations using all your team’s tools

Bespoke training guides for your team

Teach new hires exactly how your team uses Streak

Autofill any cell in your pipeline

No more reports with missing data, fill it all in a single click

User defined  enrichment

Enrich data about leads and contacts by asking a question


Are AI features included in all Streak plan types?

Many Streak AI features are included in our free plans. You’ll need a Pro+ or Enterprise plan to use advanced AI features like box summaries, ask a question, pipeline autofill, and AI meeting agendas.

Can I try advanced AI features before upgrading my plan type?

Absolutely! Many AI features are free for all Streak users, and every user can use 3 free credits for advanced AI features before upgrading for unlimited access.

Do you use a 3rd party for AI features?

Yes, we utilize OpenAI's technology to enable the AI features in Streak. Learn more about our security and privacy for our AI functionality.

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