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SAVE 20%

per user / month

For single users looking for an all purpose CRM

Basic CRM 5000

Mail merge 800*

Link tracking


per user / month

For any sized business looking to collaborate with a complete CRM

Advanced CRM

Mail merge 1500

Shared pipelines

per user / month

For sophisticated teams who need automations and reports

Advanced reports

Automations & Integrations

Archived users

AI Co-Pilot 🤖

Free 14-day trial

per user / month

For businesses who need custom roles and data validation

Custom roles

Data validation

Priority support

Use our email power tools for free, forever

Includes email tracking, link tracking, email sharing, snippets, and mail merge (up to 50/day)

Compare plans

to help find the perfect fit


Pipeline items

Rows of data - items moving through your pipeline stages


per private pipeline

50 max

per shared pipeline



Private Pipelines

Track any business process → sales, hiring, dealflow & more

Shared Pipelines

Keep your entire team in the loop


Rows of data → items moving through your pipeline





Mail merge

Send the same email to multiple recipients with automatic followups


per day


per day


per day


per day

Email tracking & Snippets

See when your email is read and create email templates

Link tracking

See when links in your email are clicked


Unlimited contacts and organizations

Shared contacts

Unlimited shared contacts w/ email history for your team

Google Workspace integrations

Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Sheets, Chat

Mobile access

iOS & Android

Automatic email sharing

Automatically categorize email and add to your pipeline

Core CRM

Task & reminders

Custom columns & fields

Magic columns & fields

Automatically fill in data such as ‘Date created’ or ‘Date of Last Email”.

Search & autocomplete

File attachments

Import & export

Call logs & meeting notes

Streak Upcoming

Organize all your tasks in a single view and know exactly what you have to get done today.

Linked pipeline items

Connect two related pipeline items so you can easily navigate between them.

Saved views

Search, filter, group and sort your data in any configuration and share with your entire team or surface directly in your inbox.

Advanced CRM

Enriched contacts

Automatically enrich your contacts with details such as name, company, and employee count.

Team email sharing

Full visibility into emails your team is having with external customers and contacts


Native dialer support

Dial contacts directly from Streak using any native dialing application or send calls to your mobile device.

AI Co-Pilot 🤖

Unlimited usage of:

Deal Summaries

Generate a summary of important information, highlight decision-makers, and suggest key next steps from all email threads, meeting notes and call logs.

Ask a deal a question

Ask specific questions to find information on your lead or deal. Streak AI searches the entire email history and box contents to fetch your answer.

Autofill deal data

The Streak AI autofill feature automatically scans emails and content in the box to suggest updates for your pipeline fields based on the box contents.

Zapier Access

Connect to 5000+ apps

API Access

Modern API to connect with your internal systems

Standard API

Webhook API

Webhook API


Set up rules to automatically create tasks, comments, boxes, and add mail merge recipients


Connect directly to 3rd-party tools like Calendly, Google Forms, Typeform and Slack - or to your internal systems.


Analyze your pipeline and discover key insights




Archived Users

Save the email history of former employees without paying for additional licenses

Data validation

Ensure your data is consistent and complete across your pipeline


Control who has view and edit access





World class support to help get your team setup

Live chat support

Live chat



A dedicated member of our customer success team will help get you onboarded and provide ongoing personal support

Premium support

Email and phone support, data recovery service, and a dedicated customer success manager to help you get onboarded and provide personalized ongoing support

Onboarding & training

Pipeline setup, data import help and team training sessions

Advanced implementation

1:1 session to setup automations and Zapier integrations

Custom billing

More payment methods, pay for multiple teams on custom terms

Security questionnaires

Written responses to custom security related questionnaires

Common questions

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer up to a 20% discount for when you choose annual billing.  

How does your billing work?

Streak charges a fee for each user on your team. You can choose to pay the fee monthly or pay for a year up front and save 20%.

Can I have team members on different plans?

Sorry, everyone on your team must be on the same plan

How do I sign up for the Enterprise plan?

Hit the contact us button and we'll work with you to setup deep customizations to our reporting and integrations, only available on the Enterprise plan. We only offer this plan on annual billing with 10 or more team members.

How do I sign up for a paid plan?

If you’re ready to sign up for a paid plan, install Streak, click the “Streak” button on the top right of Gmail and select “Upgrade”

Do you have special plans for view only access?

We currently do not offer any different pricing for users who only need view access to Streak data.

How do I make a yearly payment?

When signing up for a paid plan, Streak will ask if you'd like to pay yearly and receive a 20% discount.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club. Sorry, we do not accept PayPal. Bank wire transfers are only available on our yearly Enterprise plan.

*What is the mail merge limit for Gmail accounts?

For Gmail accounts (i.e. johndoe@gmail.com), you'll be limited to 400 emails per day on all paid plans.

What currency are the prices in?

All the prices are listed in USD. If you're using a non-US credit or debit card, you'll be charged in USD.

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