Share a link to
any email

Discuss, reference, and organize email
threads with your team.

700,000+ Chrome store users

Paste email links in any app


Account executives use Streak Share to post an email reply from a prospect and ask their sales team to help with a response.


Project managers use Streak Share to organize client requests and share it with their internal team.


Product managers use Streak Share to document customer feature requests and share it with their engineering team to review.

Google Docs

Research analysts use Streak Share to link to client emails in requirements documents that need to be approved by their manager.

Google Calendar

Real estate agents use Streak Share to quickly reference property details in calendar events.

Google Chat

Business development reps use Streak Share to discuss partner requests with their product team to determine if their deadline is feasible.

Discuss email threads

where you already collaborate

Working on sales, hiring or other projects with your team? Post email links in your existing collaboration tools to keep everyone in the loop.

Stop creating side threads

with needless CC's and FWD's

No need to clutter your inbox by discussing the email with your team on the very same thread. Keep your discussions somewhere else.

One-click link creation

to quickly share from Gmail

Generate unique and secure links to any email with just a single click inside Gmail.

Always up-to-date

with new replies

Share once and you're done! No need to send a new link every time there's a new reply on the thread. All future replies will be visible to anyone with the link.

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