CRM for Product Development

Channel Discussion into Product Development

Structure the Conversation

Natural Fit

Gmail is already the preferred way your team talks about product. Harness the existing conversations and use Streak to channel the discussion into action.

Intuitive Design

Our spreadsheet-style interface allows teams to start collaborating quickly. Streak is an extension of Gmail that adds to, not replaces, familiar layouts.

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Create a Hub

Store Assets

Use Streak to upload mock ups, proposal requests, and other documents related to a particular project.

View All Email

Read all emails related to a project, even if you aren’t on the original threads. Streak makes it simple to share private discussions that develop into something relevant to the team.

Share Across Teams

Invite client teams, engineering teams, and others to view or participate in your process. Maintain control of the process with individualized permissions.

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Create Beautiful Reports

Visualize Development Process

Dig into the data behind your Product Development process. Streak helps you find and eliminate bottlenecks between idea and launch.

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Use Formulas to Run Your Processes

Calculate Metrics Automatically

Agile, Lean, or something else, use our Formula functionality to track important metrics. Track data points including time to market, accuracy of estimated release dates, and velocity.

Unlimited Metadata

Incorporate as much metadata into your pipeline as desired. Add fields for release dates, version numbers - anything that needs to be tracked. Streak is infinitely customizable.

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See the Features You Own

Pin to the top of your inbox.

Highlight your entire Development process. Or, create a custom view displaying only specific relevant details.

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Stay on Deadline

Simple Scheduling

Quickly set milestone reminders.

Share With Your Team

Keep the project as a whole on schedule with shared reminders for your group.

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Click. Install. Iterate

Back to Your Sprint in Under a Minute

Streak is simple to install and comes with a pre-built, elegant, product development pipeline. Your workflow is super flexible - develop as you go.

Frictionless migration

Coming from another project tracker? No problem! Migrating to Streak is as simple as importing a CSV file.

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Still not sure?

Try Streak free for 14 days. It takes seconds to install. And because you already know how to use Gmail, you’ll master Streak in minutes.

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