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Introducing contact and organization pages

Introducing contact and organization pages

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Today we’re launching contact and organization pages to give your team a complete interaction history of the people and companies in your pipelines.

Streak now shows you all of the email communication that your team has had with a particular person or company, plus their box details and contact information in one place.

The best part? Streak automatically updates this information so your team has one less thing to manage.

Visit a contact or organization’s page to see where they are in your pipelines, keep track of who on your team is talking to whom, and view or edit their contact information. Just search for contacts and organizations in the Gmail search bar or click on an existing contact or organization to see their pipeline details and emails with your team.

360° view of your contacts and organizations

Prepare for meetings and conversations by reviewing your team’s email history with a contact or organization and where they exist in your pipelines.

In your pipelines

Each contact and organization’s page shows which boxes and pipelines they’re involved in so you can quickly understand if they’ve reached out to Support, are waiting on an order to be fulfilled, or are working with another team at your company.

Working on something new or realize your contact should be included in an existing box? Click the ‘+’ button to add the contact or organization somewhere else in your pipelines.

In your inboxes

Whether they’re involved in a handful of boxes or it’s the beginning of a budding relationship, you can see who on your team has already talked to a contact or organization in the team activity section.

All of your team’s shared emails with the person or company are automatically added to this section. Review emails to learn which questions have been answered, how the last conversation left off, and what to expect next.

Streak also shows you if somebody on your team has emails with the contact or organization that haven’t been added to a pipeline. These appear grayed out and only display sent and received details (to/from/date) in the team activity timeline. Ask your teammate to share the conversation by adding these emails to a pipeline.

When more people join your team in Streak, their emails with your contacts and organizations are automatically added to these pages. To make sure you have the full conversation history, invite your teammates to your Streak team. You’ll see their emails with the contact or organization as soon as they join.

Contact and organization mapping

Understanding how your contacts are related helps eliminate blind spots and crossed wires.

Streak shows who you know at any given company and helps you decide who to reach out to by listing contacts at the same organization under related contacts.

Check out organization pages to find all of your contacts at one company and your team’s interactions with everybody in the organization.

Contact and organization pages help your team share information by automatically updating and sharing details about your relationships in one central location. Learn more about what’s in contact and organization pages and how to start using them in our knowledge base.

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