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A Gift to Power Users: Keyboard Shortcuts

A Gift to Power Users: Keyboard Shortcuts

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If you are a heavy user of Gmail and don’t use keyboard shortcuts, just stop reading this right now and go read this article then go and enjoy the extra hour in your day you have — everyday.

With the latest release of the Streak we’ve enabled keyboard shortcuts for nearly all of the major tasks in Streak, and we’ve even incorporated the keys into Gmail’s keyboard help system (just press ? in Gmail).

Search boxes and pipelines — press “w” then “p” or “w” then “b” and you can now search for pipelines and boxes respectively, right in the search bar. This is very similar to pressing “g then l” which is Gmail’s shortcut for searching for labels. This w->p/b shortcut is extremely powerful for navigating around Streak and getting to pipelines and boxes extremely quickly.

Keyboard enabled Boxes Button — with an email selected in inbox view or when looking at an email conversation pressing “w” then “a” will activate the Boxes Button. From here you can use the arrow keys to select an existing box, or create a new box with one of the suggested names. Or you can start typing to search existing boxes or create your own name for the new box. When you have your choice selected simply press enter and if you’re making a new box then you can use the cursors and press enter to select the pipeline.

Keyboard enabled Box Sidebar/Box View — when you’re reading an email that has box information on the right, or you’re looking at the box details view you can change the stage and edit the information in the fields without touching the mouse. Press “w” then “tab” to focus on the box information and edit the stage/title and then tab your way to the next field.

When you combine keyboard shortcuts with the new boxes button you’ll find yourself absolutely flying through emails and managing your inbox will become 10x easier.

As always check it out and let us know what you think!

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