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Streak keyboard shortcuts

Streak keyboard shortcuts

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If you use Gmail and don’t use keyboard shortcuts, just stop reading this right now. Go read this article then enjoy the extra hour you just gained back in your day — everyday.

Next up: try a few keyboard shortcuts in Streak. 

Streak has keyboard shortcuts for nearly all of the major tasks you do in your boxes, email threads, and pipelines, and we’ve even incorporated the keys into Gmail’s keyboard help system. Just type a “?” when you’re in Gmail to find a list of available keyboard shortcuts.

How to use keyboard shortcuts in Gmail

Keyboard shortcuts help you complete common actions or focus your cursor on a certain field in Gmail or Streak. 

Many keyboard shortcuts are formatted as a series of keys. For example: w then f. This means you’ll hold down the “w” key, and then also type the “f” key. Hold down both keys at the same time while you have Gmail open to run the shortcut. 

Our tip? Pick 2 shortcuts below and commit to using them in your every-day workflow. You’ll be amazed at how much time it starts to save you! Once you have those down, try adding another one. If you try to use them all at once, it will be hard to make the habit stick. 

Our top 5 keyboard shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts make it feel like you're flying through Gmail and save you time daily.

Add an email to your pipeline: w then a

Have an important email in your inbox? Add it to a pipeline with a few keystrokes. 

  • Select an email in your inbox by clicking the checkbox, or open the email conversation
  • Type w then a to run the shortcut
  • Use the up and down arrow to select just this thread, or all emails with the contact or organization. Press enter. 
  • The cursor will be active in the search window. Type a box name to search for an existing box, if applicable. 
  • OR type the name of a new box, and select a pipeline for the box at the bottom of the menu. 

Create a task from a boxed email or a box: w then t

Have some follow-up from an email conversation? Create a new task from an email that’s been added to Streak or while in the box view. 

  • Open an email that’s been added to Streak, or open a box in streak. 
  • Type w then t to create a new task for that box
  • Enter the task description
  • Press tab to navigate to the due date and assignee. Press enter for each, and use the arrows to scroll through options. 

Open your task list in Streak Upcoming: w then u

See your upcoming tasks and plan your day by opening Streak Upcoming in the right-hand side panel. 

  • Type w then u to open Streak Upcoming
  • Bonus: press “tab” to scroll through your tasks in Streak Upcoming. Press “enter” to mark a task complete.

Create a new box in the pipeline view: command+b

Create new boxes quickly with this shortcut in your pipeline view. 

  • Open a pipeline (tip: use the Streak command palette to search and jump to pipelines!)
  • Choose which stage you want to add the new box by clicking it in the top colorful stage banner at the top of your pipeline, or in the stage row in your pipeline spreadsheet view.
  • Type Command+b to create a new box
  • Type the name of the new box
  • Press “tab” to move through each cell of the new box and fill in data

Add a file to a box from box view: w then f

Open the file selector window to quickly add files to your boxes in Streak.

  • Open a box in Streak (tip: use the Streak command palette to search and jump to boxes!)
  • Type w then f to open the “choose file” window

Bonus: Streak command palette

The Streak command palette is the fastest way to search for and open pipelines, contacts, organizations, and boxes. You can also complete a few actions like creating a new box with the command palette.

To open the command palette: 

  • While in Gmail, type command+shift+p on a Mac or control+shift+p on a Windows or Linux.
  • Search for a command or scroll through options in the menu

Using keyboard shortcuts (and remembering each keystroke combination) can seem like a hard habit to build at first. Start with one that you think is most impactful and make a plan to use it each day. Once you've committed that one to muscle memory, add another.

Once you have a few shortcuts in your arsenal, you'll be able to navigate through Streak much faster and more efficiently, saving time each day.

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