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The fastest way to fill in your pipelines

The fastest way to fill in your pipelines

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We want Streak to be the best way to move your pipelines forward, right from the start. A common problem with setting up tools like CRMs or ATSs is that beginning with empty pipelines makes it difficult for your team to get started. We heard from new users that entering data from each team member is a major pain point, especially when the information they want to track already exists in their inboxes. We think we’ve found a great solution to this.

Today, in addition to Streak’s importer tool, we’re launching our first step in creating pipelines that fill themselves in. Streak will now find the best leads from each team member’s inbox and generate a list of suggested people and companies for your pipeline. This makes it fast and easy for your whole team to contribute to populating your pipeline.

Accepting any of the suggestions creates a new item in your pipeline and adds the relevant contact or organization. After accepting a few suggestions, you’re ready to reach out to contacts in your pipeline or see where particular items are stuck and take action.

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