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23 templates to automate your CRM in Gmail

23 templates to automate your CRM in Gmail

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Most of us know how to spot something that seems too good to be true. This is why we might end up with a healthy dose of skepticism when faced with ways to cut corners, get something for nothing, and the like. 

Automating your CRM may feel like you’re getting a freebie, but it’s totally Streak-approved. 

In fact, we have 23 (and counting) templates to help you save time and reduce errors in your CRM – whether you want to connect Streak with another app, transfer your data, or automate your workflow. 

Streak pipeline with a sidebar titled "Integrations & Automation"

Our templates help you connect to 4,000+ apps and set up automations in Streak without using any code or leaving Gmail. Within minutes you can streamline your workflow and get all of your apps working together like a well-oiled machine. 

Ready to get started? Check out some of our most popular integration and automation templates, or create your own in minutes. Click the three-dot menu at the top right of any pipeline, and select “Integrations & Automation” to start browsing templates.

We’re sharing a few of our favorites below for inspiration. 

Create boxes from new rows in Google Sheets

A two-step integration template to connect Google Sheets to Streak

Keep your CRM synced with Google Sheets by creating a new box in your pipeline when a new row gets added to a Google Sheet. 

Install our Slack integration

A Slack window with a popup that says "Sales Pipeline Settings"

Use our Slack integration to get notifications, create and edit boxes, and search for Streak data all from within Slack. 

Create boxes from new Facebook leads

A three-step integration template to connect Facebook Lead Ads with Streak.

Automatically create a new box and an auto-enriched contact for every new Facebook Lead Ad. 

Create tasks when a box changes stage

A two-step automation template to create new tasks when a box changes stage in Streak.

Streamline your workflow by creating a Streak task, or set of tasks, when a box is moved into a new stage. 

Change the stage when receiving first email 

Three step automation to edit a box in Streak when an email is received.

When you receive your first email from a contact in one of your boxes, automatically move them into a new stage. This works great when tracking replies from our mail merge with automatic follow-up feature. 

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