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Introducing Streak + Slack

Introducing Streak + Slack

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Streak is built into your inbox to supercharge your workflow in Gmail, but we know that teams also need information at their fingertips when they communicate internally using tools like Slack.

As an official launch partner for Slack’s new app toolkit, we built an integration that helps you engage with your pipelines, communicate with your team, and get work done more efficiently from within Slack.

This deeply integrated experience makes it easy to get box notifications and update your pipelines right from your Slack channels.

Stay up to date with notifications about your boxes

Our new Streak for Slack app integrates your work in Streak with your conversations in Slack so you never miss a beat — or an update.

Set up notifications in your Slack channels to get alerts when a box changes stages, tasks are due, and more. Update team channels when a box moves through your pipeline or a new one is added so you can all celebrate the win or hop on a new opportunity.

Search for and update boxes

Ever started discussing a deal in Slack but someone on your team doesn’t have context? Search for boxes in-channel to share information and see where they are in your pipeline.

Once you’ve located a box, use the interactive modal to move it to a different stage, reassign it to a teammate, or update box details. Catch up on recent activity by switching to the newsfeed view to see emails, comments, and more.

Create tasks and send comments to Streak

Sometimes a discussion in Slack can turn into action items. With the Streak for Slack app, post message details as comments or tasks in Streak to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

We want to help you make decisions and come up with your next idea by putting the information you need at your fingertips. That means less context switching and smarter tools to make progress in your pipelines. Our Slack app does this by giving you access to your pipelines and sharing information with your team whether you’re working in Streak or communicating in Slack.

Learn more about using the new Streak for Slack app in our Knowledge Base and add the app to your Slack channels from the Slack App Store.

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