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Send a mail merge with automatic follow-up sequences in Gmail

Send a mail merge with automatic follow-up sequences in Gmail

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Ready to tap into the power of marketing automation in the digital age?

Streak helps people manage a variety of workflows from raising capital to booking events to closing sales deals. And although everybody uses Streak a bit differently, certain tools help you accomplish your goals no matter who you are or how you work.

Today, we're excited to introduce one of those tools and our most-requested feature ever: mail merge with automatic follow-up sequences in Gmail.

Automatic follow-up email sequences help you:

  1. Get more responses from your recipients.
  2. Maintain visibility over the Gmail auto-follow functionality (for outreach and conversations).
  3. Reduce the number of apps and tabs needed with a deep Gmail integration.

Ready to get started?

How to automate follow up emails with mail merge

We built automatic follow-ups into our mail merge feature so you can send personalized mass emails and schedule follow-up messages all within Gmail. A deep Gmail integration means you don't have to open another app or add another tab to your cluttered browser window.

With mail merge in your Gmail account, you'll be able to:

📧 Schedule automated follow-up emails (in case your recipients don't reply)
Add recipients to existing mail merges as needed
🔍 See if anybody on your team has already emailed your recipients
📊 Compare the performance of your mail merges and pick winning messages
📤 View and manage your 24-hour rolling email send quota

If you're already using mail merge to scale your outreach, you'll be ready to hit the ground running with automated follow-up emails integrated into your existing mail merge workflow in just a few clicks.

If you're new to Streak or mail merge, send your first mail merge in minutes with our intuitive and powerful Gmail tool.

Get more responses from your recipients

When we decided to build automatic email follow-ups into our sequences, our first step was interviewing Streak users who previously asked for this feature about what they hoped to accomplish with it.

A clear trend emerged:

People cared most about getting more responses from recipients.

Our data suggest most people want to use follow up emails to get more responses.

Based on this user feedback, we optimized the automatic follow-up emails in mail merge to help you get more responses from your recipients by:

  • Scheduling a sequence of automated follow-up emails if your recipients don't reply.
  • Personalizing each message with variables for higher response rates.
  • Sending follow-up messages at specific times of day to reach your recipient at the right moment.
  • Avoid sending follow-up messages on weekends and holidays.
  • Tracking stats on if, when, and how many times each message was opened with email tracking so you can make more engaging mail merges.
Automated follow up sequence page displayed in Streak

With this launch, you can also now view your mail merges in a list and compare them side-by-side. This gives you valuable insights into their performance with open and reply rates.

Once you know which mail merges are performing best, you can create one for

Then use it over and over again to engage new opportunities.

As we collect more data and continue building mail merge features, keep an eye out for additional data and tools for your email follow-ups.

Maintain control over your outreach and conversations

With Streak mail merge, automating your email campaigns and follow up sequences doesn't mean losing your personal touch or giving up control of your relationships. We give you insights and tools to prevent crossed wires and awkward slip-ups.

What does that mean for you?

More efficient and effective communication and collaboration.

How so?

Simply do the following things...

Review previous conversations before hitting send

Mail merge and follow up email make an increible powerful team.

Streak alerts you if anybody on your team has already emailed a contact as soon as you upload a CSV file or add recipients from your pipelines. Review a timeline of your team's communication with that person and decide if you want to remove them from the recipient list before sending your mail merge.

We'll also help you avoid awkward situations by making sure you don't accidentally add a contact to the same mail merge twice because, hey, it happens to the best of us.

Manage responses individually

Sending a personalized follow up email is the best way to optimize email campaigns

Never send a message out of context — once you get a reply to your mail merge, Streak pauses remaining follow-up emails to that contact so you can address their response individually.

See mail merge details in your inbox and contact pages

A screenshot of Gmail inbox with mail merge details

We'll let you know when you open an email thread or Streak contact page for a contact who's in an active mail merge. If anything has changed, you can review the mail merge and pause the remaining automated emails for that recipient.

Pause and resume mail merges as needed

Heading on vacation? Ironing out some kinks? Pause your mail merge to stop sending all messages immediately.

Automated follow-ups and all other communication can be put on hold and resumed as needed with this functionality.

When you're ready to start again, just resume the mail merge and Streak will send any messages that would have gone out during the pause.

Streamline your follow up and sales process with Streak

Ready to test drive this feature for free?

Improve communication internally and externally with our sales pipeline and automated follow-ups today. Pairing that with the personalization options of mail merge is a winning combination you can't afford not to try.

In fact:

You can sign up risk-free in 30 seconds or less.

Send your first mail merge and automated email in under 2 minutes.

Still need some help?

These videos will walk you through the process step-by-step:

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