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Turbocharge your workflow with the new command palette

Turbocharge your workflow with the new command palette

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Our new command palette is for the Streaker who’s always on the hunt for little wins — ways to maximize efficiency, save time, and get more done.

This handy tool lets you complete common actions faster with your keyboard. Use it to find information, move to a new location in Streak, or add content to your boxes and pipelines.

Streak command palette open in Gmail inbox

To launch the command palette, type command+shift+p on macOS or control+shift+p on Windows and Linux while in Gmail.

Some of the actions you can complete with the command palette include:

  • Searching for and navigating to boxes, pipelines, and saved views
  • Creating new boxes
  • Adding tasks, call logs, meeting notes, files, and more to boxes
  • Navigating to settings, help menu, and other pages in Streak

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