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New Streak University video: Contacts and organizations

New Streak University video: Contacts and organizations

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Last month we launched our Streak University site, which hosts a series of bite-sized video lessons that allows you to structure your own learning and training in Streak. We unveiled nine videos to help you get started with Streak, but that’s just the beginning.

Our newest video explains the relationship between contacts, organizations, and boxes in your pipelines.

You’ll also learn how Streak automatically:

  • enriches your contact information
  • builds a timeline of your entire team’s emails with contacts and organizations
  • shows you how contacts and organizations are involved in all of your pipelines

Contacts and organizations are key to managing relationships in Streak and are a staple of our team’s daily functions. Handing off a lead from Sales to Customer Success? Better review their automatic contact page for important context and conversations. Curious if somebody is experiencing an issue? Check to see if they have any open tickets in the Support pipeline.

This video is the first of two on contacts and organizations. The following video will go into detail on how to add contacts and organizations to your pipelines and manage automatic email sharing across your team.

We’ll be adding video lessons to Streak University frequently — let us know what you’d like to learn about in the comments below and find all of the latest content at !

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