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Introducing Streak Upcoming

Introducing Streak Upcoming

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A Streak Task is the best way to organize your team around what needs to be done for an individual Box to move forward in your Pipeline.

Today we’re delighted to announce Streak Upcoming, a simple way to answer big questions like: What should I do today? Did I forget to do anything yesterday? What does this week look like for my team?

An Intelligent, Interactive Place to Get Stuff Done

Streak Upcoming isn’t just a beautiful central location for Tasks — it’s an intelligent, interactive place to Get Stuff Done. (Video)

Mark a Task as done, update the Due Date, or navigate to the associated Box, all without leaving the Upcoming tab. Even better, we can automatically offer appropriate actions based on the context of your Tasks. If your Task is a reminder to make a call, we’ll automatically offer the ‘Call’ action (and, pull the phone number from the Contact Card):

Or, if your Task is to email a specific person, we’ll offer an ‘Email’ action that opens a new compose window, auto fills the email address using the Streak Contact, and adds the email to the correct Box:

Taking action to Call or Email are just the first examples of adding intelligence to Streak Upcoming. We have our eyes on new data sources to use as inputs as well — augmenting your manually added Tasks with suggested ones based on the history of how you like to work your leads.

Many Streak teams have multiple Pipelines because they use Streak to both close deals and also hire candidates. You can use a filter to only look at Tasks from a specific Pipeline:

Or, filter for Tasks based on the person assigned:

Better Tasks, Too

Because Streak Tasks are the building blocks of the Upcoming feature, we’ve also improved our Tasks feature (and — adding Tasks is now available for all users). We took a look at the data, and the vast majority of Tasks were a variation of “Follow Up” — so, to save you time we added a big ‘Follow Up’ button directly to the top of the Box, email sidebar, and Pipeline (select multiple boxes to add a Follow Up to all):

Creating new detailed Tasks remains unchanged although we now separate ‘Upcoming’ vs ‘Overdue’ Tasks for easier at-a-glance viewing:

Add Next Steps From Call Logs

We heard from you that all Calls and Meetings result in new Tasks, so we’ve built a ‘Next Steps’ function directly into the Call Log/Meeting Note window:

The ‘Next Steps’ creates the same Tasks you’re already familiar with, but associates those tasks with the Call Log.

Task Digest Email

Finally — Each day that a task is due, we’ll start your morning with an automatic Task Digest email that includes your Tasks for today as well as an overview of Recently Overdue and Upcoming Tasks.

Want to extend your Task usage? We support programmatic task creation via the both the API (fresh docs!) and also Zapier.

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