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June 23rd: Bug fixes and improvements

June 23rd: Bug fixes and improvements

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In addition to launching new features that help you do things like prioritize work and scale your email outreach, our engineering team works to fix anything that’s not quite performing as expected and keep Streak running smoothly. 

Here’s a roundup of recent fixes and updates. 

👁️ Email tracking icon missing from each message in an email thread

When one of our most popular features is taking a sick day, we do everything we can to get it back in action as quickly as possible. 

An email in Gmail with green eye-shaped email tracking icon showing the number of views and clicks on links

The email tracking icon typically appears at the top of each email in a thread to show you if and when the email was read, along with tracking whether or not the recipient clicked links in the message.

The icon was briefly AWOL, but has since returned.

👻 Pipelines not appearing in left navigation for Gmail users in Safari

For Streak customers using the Streak Safari extension, the pipelines icon appeared in Gmail’s left navigation menu but actual pipelines weren’t visible in the menu.

left-navigation menu in Gmail showing Streak Pipelines section highlighted

This has been fixed. 

(Psst, you can always use the command palette to quickly jump to pipelines and saved views!)

🔗 Box links in email notifications not working

You can receive email notifications in Streak when somebody mentions you in a comment, or one of your boxes is updated.

screenshot of a notification email from Streak showing that a team member has mentioned @Florrie in a comment.

Email notifications not only keep you on top of the most recent updates in Streak, but they include a link to the box so you can quickly check out what's new. 

The box link in notification emails was broken, which left you sitting in your inbox wondering what went wrong. This has been fixed.

❌ Unable to remove the “company” field from a Streak contact

Whether your contact got a new job or you typo’d the original entry, you may need to change the company listed for a certain Streak contact.

A screenshot of the Streak contact sidebar in Gmail, which shows a contact named Joelle Rivera and their contact information. This includes the company name "Red Rooster Cafe"

This wasn’t possible due to an issue that has now been fixed.

⛔ Unable to add email addresses with accented characters to contacts

Streak was getting a bit tripped up if you tried to add an email address with an accented character (ñ, é, etc.) to a Streak contact.

A screenshot showing an email address being entered into the Contacts and organizations field in a Streak pipeline in Gmail. The email address is j.cadañ

This has been fixed.

📞 Send to phone option redirects to contact page

Streak contacts allow you to send an email, schedule a calendar event, or make a call with one click. You can even start a call in Streak and choose to send that call to your phone. 

A screenshot of the Contacts and organizations section of a streak box. it shows the "start a call" menu option and then "sent to my phone" being hovered over

However, when you clicked “send to my phone” from a contact in the box view, Streak was also redirecting you away from the box (and your call log) to that person’s contact page.

We fixed this so you’re set to start jotting down notes from your call right inside the box view.

Happy dialing!

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