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Free email tracking in Gmail

Free email tracking in Gmail

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There’s nothing worse than spending your valuable time writing an email just to hit send and… crickets.

Streak’s free email view tracking allows you to see if your recipients:

  • opened your email
  • how many times they opened your email
  • when each view happened
  • where they were located (if location data is available) 

This shows you exactly when a sales lead or customer has read your email, or if a lead is interested enough to open your email multiple times so you can prioritize follow-up.

Email tracking in Gmail is a free Streak feature - just download the free Chrome extension and start tracking your emails today.

How to track views for your sent emails

Streak tracks views on your sent emails by default so you can start collecting data without any additional effort. 

You can adjust your default preferences in the Streak Settings tab of your Gmail settings.

Turn email tracking on or off for individual messages

The email tracking icon at the bottom of an email draft allows you to choose which emails you want to track by enabling it or disabling it on a per-email basis. 

An orange eye icon means Streak is tracking views on this email.

Click the icon to turn off email tracking. A gray eye icon means email tracking is turned off for this email.

This also enables or disables link tracking to show when recipients click on links in your emails. 

Email view tracking notifications

Email tracking notifications tell you exactly when a recipient opens your email so you can keep tabs on their engagement or reach out with a call or follow-up email when the message is top of mind for your lead. 

Streak displays browser notifications and sends email notifications based on your preferences. Edit your settings in the Streak Settings tab of your Gmail settings. 

See if your emails have been opened in Gmail

You can see email tracking data and history for specific messages sent in Gmail.

Tracking email views in your inbox

See which messages have been recently opened in your inbox and sent mail folders. Streak shows a green eye icon with a relative date, like “10h” or “2d” so you can scan your inbox and see which messages have had a recent view. 

Streak also creates folders within your Sent mail to show you all of your tracked emails, messages that have been opened recently, and messages that are waiting for a reply from you. 

Email view tracking details

You can find more specific details about how recipients engaged with your messages inside the email thread. 

Open the email message and hover over the email tracking icon at the top of any email to see view tracking data for that specific message. 

Click the green email tracking icon in the right-hand sidebar to see all of the view tracking history for the entire email thread.

Smarter follow-up on email tracking

Now that you’re sending tracked emails, add them to a pipeline to send targeted follow-up. Create filters to quickly find contacts who have read your emails or opened an email multiple times or see who has read your emails in the last week.

Adding your emails to a pipeline takes 30 seconds and instantly gives you useful data about your leads and email interactions.

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