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New: Add people to a mail merge from their contact card

New: Add people to a mail merge from their contact card

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Mail merge lets you send personalized mass emails in Gmail and schedule automatic follow-up to get more replies from your recipients. Each person will receive an individual email that looks like you wrote it just for them – custom variables and all. 

Not only do mail merges save you time with your initial email sequence, but they can become part of your workflow for reaching out to new leads, gathering feedback, or asking for a review after a recent purchase. 

Once you create a mail merge, you can add new recipients to the email sequence every time you get a new lead, make a sale, or in any other scenario that requires outreach.

Now, it’s easier to add individual contacts and organizations to an existing mail merge so you can keep your work flowing from your inbox and pipelines. Just look for the email icon next to a contact or organization and choose which mail merge you’d like to add them to. 

You can find the contact card to add contacts and organizations to mail merges in 4 places:

1. Sidebar in Gmail

Add a contact or organization to a mail merge without leaving your inbox. 

2. Pipeline view

When you get a new lead, close a deal, or need to reach out to someone in your pipelines, just click on the contact or organization and add them to a mail merge.

3. Contact and organization sidebar

Clicking on a contact or organization card expands their information in the sidebar so you can see all of their contact information and auto-enriched details before deciding to add them to a mail merge. 

4. Box view

The box is your workspace for each lead or opportunity in your pipelines. You can review your team’s emails or check out recent activity to make sure the contact should be added to your mail merge.

Click the email icon at the top of the contacts and organizations section to include all contacts and organizations in a mail merge.

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