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August 22nd: Bug fixes and improvements

August 22nd: Bug fixes and improvements

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Our engineers recently focused on fixing some bugs and UI issues and making small improvements throughout Streak. Check out a list of everything that changed below.

Box links don’t work in Safari

Streak allows you to copy a link to a box so you can share it in Slack, emails, or paste it into another browser window (or anywhere else you can drop a link).

Opening that box link in a Safari browser window was causing an error that has now been fixed.

Link tracking data inconsistent between views

Email tracking is one of our most popular features, and the recent addition of link tracking has only increased the fervor. 

We recently noticed conflicting email tracking data on email threads with only one email. The email tracking sidebar was showing slightly different data than the dropdown details in the email thread itself. 

This has been fixed so your data is consistent and accurate in both the email thread and sidebar. 

Link tracking magic column not updating

Email tracking and link tracking magic columns show you data for the most recent email added to any box in Streak.

There was an issue when sending multiple emails with link tracking that prevented Streak from updating the magic column with data from the most recent email. This has now been fixed.

Email tracking info from inbox view not showing last view date

The email tracking icon in the inbox view wasn’t updating to show the most recent view. While you could still open an email thread to find accurate data, we know how useful it is to scan through your inbox to find recently viewed emails.

This has been fixed so you’ll find the correct date of last view in your inbox.

(Psst! There’s also a recently viewed emails folder for that!)

Mail merge performance improvements

We worked on performance improvements to speed up loading times when you're creating, opening, editing, or otherwise working with mail merges from a pipeline (vs. a mail merge created using a CSV file). Previously, some of these actions could take multiple precious seconds to complete, and we've drastically reduced that time for a smoother and more efficient experience.

Unnamed mail merges appearing title-less

If you forget to name a mail merge, we’ll help you find it with a creative placeholder title like “Unnamed”. However, rather than showing that placeholder title everywhere in Streak, it appeared blank in the mail merges page and in the mail merge quota graph. 

Sidebar help menu cut off on left side

Streak offers a plethora of help content from the Help menu in the Streak Home sidebar. Due to some UI updates from one of our partners, the content in the help articles was getting cut off. We’ve updated this so you can enjoy some light reading whenever you please.

Team member options not auto-filling for task assignees

Assigning tasks to team members helps your team coordinate and collaborate on projects. Some task masters were unable to find their team members in the list of options when assigning tasks. This has been fixed.

Task and status mole buttons not appearing in UI

Due to some updates to the Gmail UI, the “close” and “minimize” buttons weren’t highly visible in the task mole or status window for mail merges. We’ve updated the UI so you can easily find these buttons. 

Box name overflows in task mole

If you have a box in your pipelines with a very long name, the box name would flow over the edge of the task mole. This also made it difficult to close the task mole, since it overlapped with the minimize and close icons. 

This has been fixed.

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