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How to find your recently viewed emails in Gmail

How to find your recently viewed emails in Gmail

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Email view tracking in Gmail is a popular free Streak feature that shows you when, where, and how many times a recipient has viewed your emails. Email tracking helps you understand which leads are engaged when they open your message multiple times or if a client received information you sent them.

Instead of looking through your inbox email by email to see which ones have been read, take meaningful action in the Recently Viewed email folder and in your pipeline columns.

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Recently Viewed email folder in Gmail

An illustration of a Gmail inbox highlighting the Recently Viewed section

The Recently Viewed folder shows you a list of your sent emails ordered by the date that they were last viewed. The list shows when each email was last viewed so you can follow when your message is top of mind for your recipient.

The best part about the Recently Viewed email list is that it’s just a regular list of emails inside Gmail. That means you can star, label, and read threads just like normal – or add them to your Streak pipelines with just a few clicks.

See recently viewed emails for a specific workflow

Once you’ve added emails to your pipelines, you can work with email tracking data in a more strategic way.
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Email tracking magic columns

Access to real time email tracking data with magic columns. These columns show you the total number of views and the date of the last view for the most recent email in each box.

An illustration of Streak magic columns


Instead of looking at email tracking data for every single one of your sent emails, you can see all recently viewed emails that are related to a certain project or process, like Sales or Hiring. 

For example, if you’re hiring for a new role at your company, you’ll be able to see when your leads and candidates last opened your emails. You don’t have to sift through all of your sent mail, which might include emails you sent to co-workers and other unrelated messages.
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Filter, sort, and group your messages

The benefit of adding your emails to pipelines is not only that you can associate them with deals or opportunities and track them through your process, but you can filter, sort, and group your pipelines by data in your columns. 

This allows you to hone in on things like: 

  • Leads that viewed your email today
  • Contacts that opened your emails more than once
  • Clients that never saw your email

You can also sort your pipelines by when a lead last opened your email, or organize your leads into groups based on how many times they opened your emails.

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