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Introducing Thread Splitting for Gmail

Introducing Thread Splitting for Gmail

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We think Gmail’s email threading is one of their best features, but automatic threading doesn’t always work the way you’d like it to. For example, halfway through a support email for an existing customer, the topic may change as you may bring in a sales rep. Great news! But glance at the email thread: it’s hard to see what it’s about immediately, or find emails you’re looking for.

We’re launching a new feature today called Thread Splitting.

While looking at a thread, click the “More” menu in the top-right, and select “Split Thread”.

A menu comes up where you can select the new sales messages, to be split out into another thread.

Click “Move Message to New Thread” and the sales emails are split into their own thread, with a subject you select.

You can also split out just a single message.

Thread Splitter is 100% free to use! We’re sure you’ll find tons of uses for this so let us know how you’re using Thread Splitting in the comments below.

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