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How to separate email threads in Gmail

How to separate email threads in Gmail

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Billions of people use Gmail to manage personal and professional inboxes. It’s become such a huge part of daily life, that some of the “basic” features have become innate. 

Gmail’s automatic threading feature is one of them. Automatic threading means that when you have an email conversation with someone, or multiple people, each reply to the original email gets organized into one view in chronological order. Each reply is actually its own email that Gmail “threads” together. You just have to open the email, and you’ll see every reply in one place. It’s pretty neat.

Why you might need to separate your emails in Gmail

We think Gmail’s email threading is a great feature, but as a conversation evolves it can quickly get confusing and hard to navigate.

For example, halfway through emailing back and forth with an existing customer to answer a Support question, the topic may change as you bring in a Sales rep. Great news! But it’s going to be hard for your Sales rep to find the information they need in the midst of the Support conversation.

The solution? Separate your email thread in Gmail into multiple conversations.

How to separate email threads in Gmail

Thread splitter is a free feature in Streak that allows you to split an email thread in your Gmail inbox into multiple conversations. Download the free Streak extension to separate emails in Gmail.

1. Open the email conversation in your Gmail inbox

2. Click the three-dot “More” menu at the top of the email

3. Select “Split Thread”

4. Select the message(s) you want to separate from the conversation

5. Click “Move Messages to New Thread”

6. Enter a subject line for the new email thread and click “Done”

Please note that this action cannot be undone. 

Once you’ve separated the emails, you’ll find the new email thread with the subject line you entered in your inbox.

Thread Splitter is 100% free to use! We’re sure you’ll find tons of uses for this so let us know how you’re using the Thread Splitter on Twitter by mentioning @Streak.

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