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How to separate email threads in Gmail

How to separate email threads in Gmail

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Billions of people use Gmail to manage personal and professional inboxes. It’s become such an essential tool for so many that some of the “basic” features are taken for granted.

Gmail’s conversation view feature is one of them.

A screenshot of Gmail's conversation view settings options
Conversation view setting in Gmail can be turned on or off

Conversation view groups email replies into what Gmail calls conversations, or an email “thread”. When Gmail “threads” email replies into a conversation, it sorts them chronologically so you can easily see how the conversation unfolds.

A screenshot of an email conversation in Gmail with conversation view
Gmail's conversation view groups email responses into conversations in chronological order

Why you might need to separate your emails in Gmail

Gmail’s email threading is a great feature, but it can be hard to find what you’re looking for as conversations grow longer and more complicated. 

Have you ever changed topics during a conversation? We have! This is a natural way for a conversation to progress, but can complicate an email thread. 

For example, suppose you’re supporting a customer and discover a Sales opportunity. You’re naturally excited and invite a Sales representative to join the conversation. However, the Sales representative has to sort through your 87 email-long conversation to find the information they need - that’s a lot of scrolling! 

The solution? Use Streak to separate your email thread in Gmail into multiple conversations.

How to separate email threads in Gmail

Thread Splitter is a free feature in Streak that allows you to separate an email thread in your Gmail inbox into multiple conversations. You can select any number of emails in a conversation and “split” them into a new conversation with a new subject line. 

Separate email threads in Gmail today by following the steps below:

1. Download the free Streak extension

2. Open the email conversation in your Gmail inbox

3. Click the three-dot “More” menu at the top of the email

A screenshot of the overflow menu above an email in Gmail, with the "split thread" option highlighted
In the menu at the top of an email, click the three dots and select "split thread"

4. Select “Split Thread”

5. Select the message(s) you want to separate from the conversation

A screenshot of Streak's thread splitter feature with a check box next to each email so you can choose which emails to separate into a new conversation
Select the emails you want to move into a new thread

6. Click “Move Messages to New Thread”

7. Enter a subject line for the new email thread and click “Done”

a screenshot of Streak's thread splitter asking you to enter a new subject line for the new email conversation
Create a subject line for the new email thread

Please note that you can’t merge threads together again after separating them.

Once you’ve separated the emails, you’ll find the new email thread with the subject line you entered in your inbox.

a screenshot of a Gmail inbox with the new conversation including the separated emails
Using Streak's thread splitter, you can separate the emails into two new threads with their own subject lines

Thread Splitter is 100% free to use! We’re sure you’ll find tons of uses for this, so let us know how you’re using the Thread Splitter on Twitter by mentioning @Streak.

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