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Introducing our new Pro+ plan

Introducing our new Pro+ plan

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Behind the scenes at Streak we’re always working to better understand how our customers are using the product and how we can improve the experience by introducing new features and improving existing ones. As a result, we’re constantly adding new features and improving how Streak is used. 

Today, we’re excited to introduce the new Streak Pro+ plan for sophisticated teams looking to optimize and automate their processes. 

In addition to the features available in our Pro plan, the Pro+ plan includes three all-new features that allow organizations to create more efficient workflows and increase conversions in their pipelines. 

1. Native integrations and automations

Native integrations and automation allow you to automate your workflow in Streak and connect directly with apps like Calendly and Typeform – without using a third party tool like Zapier. 

Once you’ve set up an integration, create automations within Streak to capture information, update your pipelines, create tasks, and more. Choose trigger actions from an integrated app or from an action that occurs within Streak, like when a box is created or moved to a new stage.

Integrations and automations inside Streak means you can consolidate tools and eliminate expenses in many cases. On top of that, you’ll be able to act more swiftly on engaged leads, eliminate manual data entry, and more easily scale your business and processes. 

This is ideal for teams who have a more complex process that uses various apps for lead capture, scheduling, and other aspects of their workflow.

Learn more about native integrations and automations.

2. Advanced reports

Advanced reports use the power of saved views to help you answer questions and find useful metrics in your Streak reports dashboard. 

Once you’ve created a saved view, you can use it as a data source to filter your report and hone in on certain information, like a specific type of deal or segment of customers. You’ll also be able to compare performance among different variables in your pipeline like sales reps, products, or lead sources with comparison charts. 

Some insights you can gain with advanced reports include: 

  • Value in a pipeline assigned to you or a specific sales rep
  • Total value for a specific type of deal or segment
  • Number of boxes (or deal size) won from a specific industry
  • Close rates from a specific lead source
  • Conversion rates for each stage of the funnel for each sales rep

This helps teams level up their performance and gives team managers tools to work better with sales reps as well as accurately plan and forecast within their pipelines.

Learn more about advanced reports.

3. Archived users

Streak is a powerful collaboration tool, but what happens when a team member leaves your company? 

With the Pro+ plan you can now archive a user to preserve their data without needing to maintain their Google Workspace and Streak accounts. For each paid member of a Streak Pro+ plan, your team will be able to archive two users and preserve their email data without paying for their Google Workspace account. For example, if you have 6 people on your Streak team, you’re able to archive up to 12 users. 

This is especially useful for teams who may have members come and go in contract positions, seasonal workers, and longtime Streak users who naturally see some employee turnover. 

Learn more about archived users

Is the Pro+ plan worth it for my team? 

The Pro+ plan delivers a lot of value to sophisticated teams or teams who are looking to create a more sophisticated process or workflow. 

In many cases, the plan allows you to cancel third party integration subscriptions or stop paying for team members who are no longer actively using your Streak plan. 

While these cost savings are compelling enough, we also believe that the Pro+ plan delivers enough value to pay for itself with time savings, increased data accuracy, and insights that help you increase conversions. 

If you’re curious about the Pro+ plan for your team, please reach out to us to get all your questions answered and learn more about how Streak can help you improve your processes and conversion rates.

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