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Improved Snippet Experience!

Improved Snippet Experience!

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We’re overjoyed to see your positive feedback on our Mail Merge updates. Because you loved that update, we know you’ll love some brand new updates to our Snippets feature! With the improvements, it’s never been easier to use Snippets to save time and sanity for repetitive emails (video here if you prefer).

Streak is the only CRM that lives entirely inside Gmail. To maintain the native of feel of Streak+Google, whenever possible we augment and not replace what you already use in Gmail. For example, we’ve simplified the edit experience so you can make your edits the same way you write your email:

You can edit snippets in the compose window of Gmail so you get access to Gmail’s rich formatting toolbar.

The menu to see all your snippets now looks and feels like part of Streak+Gmail. Bonus! We now display the person who created each Snippet:

Searching for a snippet is easier than ever:

And, making a new snippet is done right where’d you’d expect — from the same Compose window where you’re writing your message. Because you’re composing the snippet just like an email, you’ll know exactly what it will look like when sent:

If you’re new to using Snippets, you’ll want to know these 2 points:

  1. Power Users insert their snippets using Short Cuts
  2. Add <variables> to your Snippets to customize your Mail Merges to scale and personalize your email (video)!

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