Stop typing the same email. Use Snippets to Save Time and Sanity.

Create a Palette of Frequently Written Emails

Instantly Complete Email

We all have an email we’re sick of writing. Fill out saved text (a Snippet) with one key command.

Set to Any Shortcut

Create the shortcut that makes most sense for you. Snippets can be called using hashtags, dollar signs, or even natural language.

Includes Subjects

Email needs subjects, so we baked them into Snippets too.

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Tight Gmail Integration

Built Into Toolbar

Working with Snippets is easy because we’ve worked them directly into Gmail. Managing or selecting snippets is always one click away.

Compose or Reply

Save time with Snippets whether you are responding to an email or composing a new message.

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Simple Customization

Share With as a Team

Chances are time saving snippets can also help others on your team. Snippets are shareable between all Streak collaborators.

Process Specific

Snippets can be associated to different teams or functions, so there's no need to share all Snippets.

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A Few Examples of Snippets We Love

Sales Follow Up

Easily fill an email with your most effective saved message.

Support Responses

Answering your most common inquiries with complete answers from Snippets is fast.

Fundraising Introduction

Save your elevator pitch for the elevator and use snippets to introduce your company to new contacts.

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Try Streak free for 14 days. It takes seconds to install. And because you already know how to use Gmail, you’ll master Streak in minutes.

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