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Enterprise CRM plan for advanced teams and complex workflows

Enterprise CRM plan for advanced teams and complex workflows

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As organizations grow, so do their CRM requirements. Streak’s Enterprise plan is specifically designed to meet the needs of larger teams, complex workflows, and organizations that work with sensitive data. 

Our Enterprise plan builds on the features of our Pro+ plan by adding guardrails to ensure your team follows correct processes and inputs essential data into every deal. It provides granular control over who can view and manage data to prevent loss or mishandling of critical information. This oversight guarantees that no detail slips through the cracks and that your pipeline reports are complete and accurate.

Enterprise customers receive the highest level of support from our team to get your workflows set up quickly, troubleshoot issues, and guide your team to fully utilize Streak. We also provide organizational support with security questionnaire completion and custom billing options.

Explore exclusive Enterprise plan features in detail below.


Pipeline data validation

Data validation allows you to create rules in your pipelines that make sure key information is being entered during each step of your process. This prevents gaps in your data and enables you to create accurate reports for each pipeline.

a sales pipeline in Streak's CRM tool with data validation rules visible

Add suggested rules with one click or create custom data validation based on what stage a lead is in, who it’s assigned to, or whether or not certain data has been entered.

a pop up in streak crm showing data validation configuration

For example, enforce your process and ensure data completion by creating rules to: 

  • Make sure a deal size is entered for all sales leads in the “Closed Won” stage
  • Prevent anybody from editing candidate boxes in a “Hired” stage
  • Check that a meeting is scheduled before assigning a deal to an Account Executive
  • Ensure that a “Monthly Recurring Revenue” field is completed if a customer is marked as a paid user

Need a more complex or customized rule for your workflow? Use Javascript to create formula rules that meet your needs.

a message in streak CRM asking the user to add a deal size for the deal. there is an option to override rule violations

If a member of your team performs an action that breaks your data validation rule, prompt them with a warning or block the action - like moving a box into the “Closed Won” stage - until the rule has been satisfied.

As an admin on the pipeline, you’ll be given an option to override a rule if you need to. Your team members will not see this option unless given an admin role.

Custom roles and permission sets

Custom roles and permission sets enable you to fully tailor permission levels for each role on your team. 

This guarantees that employees manage data according to your guidelines to prevent data loss or mishandling. It also ensures that each team member only accesses the deals and data that they need to do their jobs effectively.

a custom permission menu for a junior account executive role

Some common ways to safeguard your data with custom permissions include:

  • Prohibiting team members from deleting or exporting data
  • Preventing major edits to pipeline columns or structure 
  • Creating a view only role in your pipelines
  • Hiding sensitive information like files or call logs from team members who don’t need access

Creating custom permissions makes it simple to set each team member up for success with exactly what they need to do their job - and help you keep track of who can access certain data and perform actions in your pipelines.

a pipeline sharing menu in Streak with custom role options

Dedicated support

While high-quality and timely support is our standard across every plan level, Enterprise plans receive dedicated support from our team. 

Our commitment to exceptional support is reflected in our performance goals and customer feedback:

  • Rapid Response Times: 90% of support inquiries from Enterprise clients receive an initial response within just 2 minutes, ensuring that your critical issues are addressed almost immediately.
  • Efficient Resolutions: Our support team resolves 90% of all conversations within hours, not days, so technical issues don’t derail your operations.
  • Exceptional Satisfaction: With 95% positive feedback from our Enterprise clients, our support team consistently meets and exceeds expectations.

This dedicated support ensures that your business keeps running even as your team has questions or support needs.

Advanced implementation support

Advanced implementation support is catered to more complex workflows that may include automation, integrations, or utilizing features like data validation and custom permissions. 

a pipeline in Streak CRM with the integrations & automation panel open

Our Customer Success team supports teams in multiple ways, including pipeline setup, data import, and team training. 

Additionally, we offer Enterprise teams one-on-one sessions to create workflow automations and native integrations, as well as those that require tools like Zapier.

Custom billing options

Our Enterprise plan includes flexible custom billing options to accommodate the unique needs of your organization. We offer a variety of payment methods and the convenience of consolidating billing for multiple teams under custom terms. 

This flexibility ensures that managing your payments is as streamlined and hassle-free as possible, allowing you to focus more on your business and less on administrative tasks.

Security questionnaires

Understanding the importance of security in certain industries and business environments, our Enterprise plan includes comprehensive support for security questionnaires. We provide written responses to custom security-related queries to give you the confidence that our CRM meets your organization's stringent security standards.

Contact a sales representative to learn more about how Streak's Enterprise CRM plan can help you protect your data and manage your team.

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