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6 things you can do with Streak on the go

6 things you can do with Streak on the go

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We recently updated our iOS app to give it a redesign and a lot of new functionality across boxes, pipelines, tasks, and more. All these updates mean you now have an even more powerful tool in your pocket. 

Wondering how you can use Streak on the go? Here are 6 ideas for inspiration. 

1. Search and review details about your contacts

It’s now easier and faster to search for contacts and boxes in your pipelines. This means more time to brush up on your contact’s role at a company or read through your most recent emails with them before heading into a call or meeting.

With this update, contacts and boxes are searched at the same time so you can type a search term without toggling between modes. The app will also save your recent searches so you can quickly access frequently searched contacts or boxes. 

2. Jot down meeting notes during a site visit or property showing

We’ve all been there - you think you’re going to remember a detail or a certain follow-up point from a conversation but by the time you’ve made a bit of small-talk, said goodbye, and found where your car is parked it’s just… gone. 

The trick here is to jot down a few notes in the moment, and Streak’s mobile app can help you out with that. Maybe you want to remember what a particular buyer is looking for in a home, or record a few data points from a site visit. Add them to your pipelines directly from your phone before they disappear forever.

3. Quickly add a new item to your pipelines

Meet a promising lead in the wild? Come up with a great idea for a partnership while running errands? Don’t let it slip away - add it to your pipeline in just a few taps. 

You can now create a new box and add all of the relevant details on one screen. 

4. Tackle your to-do list with a tap

Streak Upcoming makes it easy to follow up with contacts from your mobile phone.

Find a list of all your tasks and make a call, draft an email, or schedule an event with one tap. Perfect for mid-day sunshine breaks, waiting for your kid’s dance practice to end, or anywhere else you’d normally scroll through TikTok or catch up on the most recent Twitter spat. 

5. Organize your inbox

We engineered a mail client in our Streak iOS app so you can take advantage of having a CRM in Gmail whether you’re sitting at a computer or on your phone. 

With the newest update to our iOS app, you can add an email to multiple boxes (something already possible on the desktop version of Streak) all within the same app. Now you can better keep track of email email threads that are related to multiple projects or leads.

6. Track emails sent from the Streak iOS app

Email tracking is one of our popular features that helps you understand which of your contacts are interested and engaged in your messages.

Now you can turn on email tracking for emails sent from the Streak mobile app and see how many views your emails have right on your phone.

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