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A new inbox experience on iOS

A new inbox experience on iOS

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Plenty of CRMs can help you manage your customers and relationships, but almost none of them live where you talk to your customers. Most find a home in a separate tab or app and force you to switch between them and your email.

Streak is fixing that. We’re making it easier to access and add the information your team needs by giving you a native CRM experience at the tip of your fingers in our iOS app and in Gmail.

Leave your other apps at home

We spend nearly three hours a day on our phones, and far too many of those three hours juggling different apps to accomplish a single goal.

To help give you back those hours: in our latest update, we engineered a mail client from the ground up, enriched it with the data you’ve already added to Streak, and built it directly into Streak’s iOS app.

Instead of forcing you to switch between a mail application and your CRM, Streak gives you context on your email at a glance — with more information just a tap away.

For teams utilizing Streak’s email sharing capabilities: we’ve also brought our shared thread experience to mobile, which will give you and your team a shared view of all the interactions with your customers.

With this latest update, we’ve also redesigned the application: giving Streak a familiar and native iOS appearance. We want Streak to feel natural wherever you’re using it — whether that’s in Gmail or on your phone.

You can download Streak’s new iOS app from the App Store.

There’s more to come, too. We’re focusing next on bringing your powerful saved views to the app as well as redesigning how you see all the interactions with a particular customer.

Editor’s note: Special thanks to John W for owning our iOS application from end-to-end. His baked goods inspire us all, his favorite animal is cats, and his ideal weekend is cozy.

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