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New: Add an email to multiple pipelines

New: Add an email to multiple pipelines

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A lot can happen in an email. Whether it’s a note from a sales lead that converted to a valuable customer, an invoice that needs to be seen by both finance and fulfillment teams, or a support inquiry containing information about a bug — emails often become relevant to more than one of your team’s pipelines.

Today, Streak is making it possible to add the same email to multiple pipelines. Since projects and relationships don’t develop in silos, sharing emails in more than one place gives you the flexibility to track details and updates across teams as the conversation evolves.

When you open an email that has been added to multiple pipelines, the Streak sidebar shows overview cards with relevant details for each place the email has been added. View more details by opening a specific card, or add the email to a new box from the top of the sidebar. Once added, the email appears in the box’s timeline and will be visible to team members.

Streak has always been the most intuitive and customizable tool to manage your pipelines, and it’s now even easier to work together when managing multiple pipelines. No matter where the conversation goes, this update helps you track and share emails that involve various people, processes, and teams.

Learn more about how to add emails to pipelines in our knowledge base.

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