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Email tracking, design updates, and new features for iOS app

Email tracking, design updates, and new features for iOS app

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We completely revamped our mobile app for iOS, giving it tons of new features, updated page designs, and UI improvements. It’s chock full of new functionality on both iPhone and iPad devices. 

Keep reading for a full list of everything new.

🎁 New features and functionality

Streak’s mobile app is meant to be an extension of Streak in your browser, but making it more intuitive and feature-rich means you can handle business from a mobile device whenever and wherever the need arises.

These new features and functionality are aimed at making information in your pipelines easier to digest at a glance and update on the go. 

  • Email tracking from your mobile device - You can now turn on and view email tracking details for emails sent from your Gmail account in the Streak mobile app. Just compose an email from the Mail tab in the app and tap the eye icon to turn on email tracking. 
  • 3-column layout on iPad - Streak now supports the 3-column layout to maximize use of screen space and improve productivity. Available on iPad 14 and above.
  • Today view on iPad - A new today view displays tasks due, recent activity in boxed email threads, and recently viewed boxes for an overview of your daily work. Available on iPad 14 and above. 
  • Create a complete box in one step - You can now add all of your box details as soon as you create a new box. Previously you could only name the box, and then add more details once the box was created.
  • Edit mode - The new “Edit” option at the top shows your box in edit mode. This allows you to edit all of your box details at once instead of clicking into each field to update.
  • Quickly add call logs and other content - Click the “+” button in a box to compose a comment, call log, meeting note, or task. You can also add files from here. Once you start composing, you can switch the type of content (ex: change a comment into a call log) with one click.
  • Add an email to multiple boxes - You can now add an email thread to multiple boxes in the iOS app (this is already possible on the desktop version of Streak).

🔎 Faster and more comprehensive searches

A smaller screen size means you’re less likely to scroll through your entire pipeline and more likely to search for the box or contact you need. We updated our search functionality to help you find what you’re looking for faster.

  • Search contacts and boxes together - The search function now searches contacts and boxes at the same time, so you don’t need to switch tabs for one or the other. 
  • Scan search results faster - Search results are redesigned to be easier to scan so you can quickly find what you’re looking for. 
  • Saved recent searches - Recent search terms are available in the search page for a faster way to repeat frequent searches. 

📐 New page designs

Our mobile app will help you quickly get the information you need so you can carry on with your business. New page designs and views make your pipeline and box details easier to scan on a mobile device. 

  • Single page design in box view -  All of your box details and recent emails are now in one view to surface more information with fewer taps. 
  • Recent activity section in boxes - Tapping into a box surfaces emails, comments, box edits, call logs, and meeting notes in chronological order so you can quickly gain context.
  • View stages in a list - A revamped pipeline view allows you to collapse stages into a list for faster navigation.
  • Higher pipeline density- See more boxes per stage with a condensed UI.
  • Improved tasks view - Tasks in your boxes and in Streak Upcoming show more detail and are easier to read.

👀 Accessibility settings

Our mobile app now respects your device’s settings for text, icons, and colors.

  • Better legibility - Texts and icons across the app now respect user-specified font size and weight settings.
  • Dark mode support - The app now adapts to the chosen system appearance for easy viewing and editing after dark

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