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AI in email marketing: 5 ways artificial intelligence is changing email marketing

AI in email marketing: 5 ways artificial intelligence is changing email marketing

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Are you curious about how artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the email marketing game? Then you've come to the right place!

AI is the development of computer systems that can perform tasks that usually require human intelligence. This can include anything from recognizing speech and images to making decisions based on data analysis. AI is achieved through the use of machine learning, which involves training algorithms on large amounts of data to recognize patterns and make predictions. It's used in all sorts of applications like recognizing speech and images, understanding human language, and even self-driving cars.

AI technology is also revolutionizing how people send, read, and interact with emails. But not all marketers are in the know when it comes to AI in email marketing. That's why we're here!

We've compiled a list of five AI-driven advancements in the world of email marketing that are sure to get your gears turning. By the end of this guide, you'll be up-to-speed on the following:

  • What AI can do for your email marketing campaigns
  • The benefits AI offers
  • Ways AI can personalize your emails

Let's dive in!

What is AI in Email Marketing?

AI in email marketing is the use of AI technology to automate, personalize, analyze and optimize email campaigns. People design AI tools to mimic human intelligence in order to learn from past data and respond accordingly. AI-powered algorithms can analyze user behavior patterns and provide insight into what works best for each individual customer.

Let's see this in action. Suppose you're working on an email announcement for a campaign on Dialpad VoIP phones in Canada. With AI, you can:

  • Automatically compare different subject lines and choose which one performs best.
  • Personalize your emails based on the user's past behavior, preferences, or location. For example, if your customers are based in Toronto, Canada, your keyword in the email can be ‘business phone services in Toronto.’
  • Analyze customer data to see where customers are dropping off in their buying journey.
  • Optimize your campaigns for maximum engagement and conversions.

These are just a few of the AI-driven benefits that email marketing now offers. Read on to learn more about AI in email marketing and how it can help you get the most out of your campaigns.

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How AI ia used in email marketing: 5 ways it's changing the game

Now that you know what AI in email marketing is, let's look at some specific AI-driven marketing tactics that can help you get the most out of your campaigns. Here are five ways AI is changing the email marketing game:

1. AI can help you craft more effective subject lines

Your subject line is essentially the headline of your email. And it can make all the difference in generating engagement and conversions. In fact, 33% of email recipients decide whether or not to open your email based on its subject line.

So how can AI help? AI-driven tools can analyze user behavior patterns and compare different subject lines to identify which ones will perform the best. Say you want to write an effective cold email after a lead has gone quiet. Using an AI tool will help you generate the most effective and catch-y subject line according to which keywords you're targeting and your campaign type. 

For example, the Keap tool, shown below, gives you different powerful subject lines depending on the type of message you want to send and who you’re sending it to:


2. AI can help you create personalized newsletters

Your customers value personalization in your emails and newsletters. They want to feel like you're speaking to them directly and that you have not lumped them into a single email list. Hubspot found that message personalization is one of the most effective strategies for email marketing, with 72% of customers saying they're more likely to purchase when they receive personalized content.

AI-driven technology can help you do just that. AI tools can analyze customer data to infer what type of content each user is most likely to engage with and tailor your emails accordingly. Take Lavender, for example, which collects data about your client and their company from around the internet. It analyzes everything from social data to personality types to create suggestions that assist you as you write your personalized email. 

As another example, if you're finding that people are visiting your recruitment site to browse for remote developers, AI-driven technology can identify this trend and suggest related products and services in your sent emails.

3. AI can help you better understand a customer's life cycle

Email marketing is about more than just sending out emails. It's about understanding customer behavior and preferences so you can deliver a seamless experience.

Your customer's life cycle is a critical factor in this process. It includes all the stages of a customer's journey, from awareness to purchase. Tools such as Salesforce analyze your customer data and use AI to create segments that can give you insights into the customer life cycle. This helps you create more effective emails that are targeted to different points in the customer journey.

Moreover, let's say you identify that your business is attracting many new customers but not many returning customers. You can use the same analysis tools to identify where potential customers are dropping off and therefore what you can do to improve. You may learn that you need to refine your customer support emails, as this is often where customers stop engaging and abandon the buying process. By applying your data effectively, you can adjust your emails accordingly to increase customer retention.

4. AI can help increase email deliverability

Email deliverability is an important factor when it comes to email marketing. If you've ever had an email sent straight to your spam folder, you know how quickly your message can be lost.

With AI, you can increase your email deliverability by automatically analyzing and adjusting your emails' content to avoid triggering words or phrases. For example, Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 has a “Spam Checker” that can detect words or phrases that may be flagged by spam filters and also gives suggestions for how to improve. 

Or, AI can examine the sender and recipient addresses to ensure that the emails you send are going to legitimate accounts. AI tools can even scan email content for malicious links or malware, ensuring your customers' safety and increasing your chances of getting your emails delivered to their inboxes.

5. AI can automate your email copywriting

Writing effective copy for your emails can be a time-consuming process. AI tools can help you speed up the process by automatically generating high-quality, on-brand email content.

How, you ask? Some AI writing tools use AI-generated templates to quickly create copy that matches your brand style and email purpose. By inputting a few prompts, tools can produce multiple email templates for you to review, select and tweak as you see fit. For example, this was generated using a tool by 


You can also use AI tools like ChatGPT to write cold emails and endlessly customize your email drafts, newsletters, or marketing copy. 

How AI will change your email marketing strategy

Now that you know how AI can help you with email marketing, it's time to start integrating AI into your strategy. You can do this in several ways, from AI-powered analytics to AI-driven copywriting. Here are some tips for factoring AI into your email marketing strategy:

  • Look for AI-driven tools that can help you optimize your campaigns and better understand customer behavior.
  • Use AI-powered analytics to track the success of your campaigns so you can make adjustments as needed.
  • Utilize AI copywriting tools to create high-quality, personalized emails quickly.
  • Integrate AI into your customer service process to provide customers with a seamless experience.

Whether you're just getting started or an experienced marketer, AI can help take your emails to the next level.

Good luck and happy emailing!

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