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Here’s how to get more value from your calls and meetings

Here’s how to get more value from your calls and meetings

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Now that we’re all having more virtual meetings, it can seem like we’re bouncing from one call to the next all day long. Because these conversations take place outside of email, it’s difficult to record details and keep your team up to speed on the status of a deal or relationship.

These 5 tips will help you create a system to document important calls and meetings, share information with your team, and plan for next steps — without leaving Gmail.

1. Share the full picture with your team

Call logs and meeting notes help you organize details about a relationship or deal in one place. Rather than flipping through your scratch pad or asking how a call went, reference your team’s conversations in your pipelines.

Creating a call log or meeting note automatically records the date, time, duration, and person recording a call or meeting. That means you’re free to focus on the quality of conversation and notes — you know, the things that matter.

Once your notes are saved to the box timeline, you can quickly find past conversations and share updates with your team.

2. Schedule to-dos & follow-up while they’re top of mind

Calls and meetings often require follow up, so every call log or meeting note includes a Next Steps section to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Create tasks and find them in Streak Upcoming and your box timeline. Set a due date to sync tasks with Google Calendar and see your tasks alongside other agenda items.

Collaborating with a teammate? Assign tasks to them to make sure they’re aware of next steps.

3. Automate your workflow

Making a call from your phone? (People still do that, right?) Use the Streak mobile app to call your contacts and begin a new note when you initiate the call. With all of your work in one place, nothing gets lost between various tools and systems.

4. View and filter interaction data in your pipelines

Trying to remember who you spoke with last week? There’s a saved view for that.

Details about call logs and meeting notes are recorded in magic columns — giving you the power to search and filter your pipeline based on your interactions. Set up Saved Views to understand which customers need your attention or quickly find past conversations.

Some useful Saved Views include:

  • Calls and meetings completed this week (above)
  • No interaction in 7 days
  • Has at least 1 call or meeting

5. Track progress with interaction reports

Keep track of your team’s calls and meetings with Streak reports. Use preconfigured reports, such as an Interaction Summary, or create your own custom reports in the reports dashboard.

Reports can be broken down by interaction type, date ranges, and team members to provide a granular view of the touch points your team has with customers and leads.

Use freeform notes wisely!

We’ll just go ahead and say it — while they have their place, freeform notes aren’t our favorite. They’re great for leaving an evergreen note about a deal or contact, such as preferred time for calls, but you can’t filter or report on these notes and they aren’t built into your workflow.

If you learn on a call that your contact lives nearby and loves attending meet-and-greets, go ahead and leave a note on the box! Otherwise, do yourself and your team a favor and share details in call logs and meeting notes.

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