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Feature Announcement: Tasks 2.0, Google Calendar Integration

Feature Announcement: Tasks 2.0, Google Calendar Integration

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Hooray for Feature Announcement Days! Today we bring you the first of several big upcoming feature announcements — stay tuned!

To demonstrate, follow along as I use the new Tasks feature to create a blog post about the new Tasks feature (meta!). (A second post covering how to use Tasks at scale will follow shortly)

Using Tasks to Move My “Tasks Announcement Blog” Box Through My Pipeline

So — I’m sitting at my desk and outlining my next ‘Getting Started’ video to help new users (tasks deep dive video, quick start video). Then — news breaks: Tasks 2.0 is about to launch… woohoo! I have a new project, so I need a new box:

(Yes, I do give all of my personal pipelines whimsical stage names)

Making a box is a good start, but I’m looking at a blank slate right now. How do I remember what I need to do to move my Blog Project to the ‘Done Something’ stage?

A tasks popup appears! The above image is titled “Let’s do some taskin’” so let’s do just that:

Great — a solid list to start. I already have a ‘meta’ theme going in this Blog, so let’s mark the first task as complete:

I’ve created 7 tasks, already completed 1 of them… and I’ve also set 3 due dates. “Due Date” you ask?

One. More. Thing! Google Calendar Integration

Adding 3 Due Dates will make my life easier to manage because:

  1. I will receive a notification when the task is due. I have personally opted to receive emails, so I can count on a message being sent to me when the Due Date (and time) arrives. (review your current setting by going to “Streak Settings” — if you need help)
  2. Setting a Due Date integrates with Google Calendar automatically

Hey, I wonder what I’m doing next week?

Oh, right! Get this ready to publish this by Monday, hit the dentist, and then have my one on one with our fearless leader. (Thanks for the heads up, Calendar — I better be ready on Monday if I have CEO time Tuesday).

If you’re not a ‘week’ kind of person, maybe you’re more into the ‘agenda’?

What happens (theoretically, of course) if you miss a deadline, just once?

Also, I get a the following notification…

I’m constantly switching up my process as I improve my efficiency. Because I use Streak, changing my process on the fly is easy. Now that I’m looking at my list, it makes no sense that I’ve only set some items to have a due date — let’s make some quick edits:

As we go along here, I’m starting to get a bit stressed out. I need help! Let’s get someone else to do my proofreading:

And, assigned:

Finally, you can access the same “Tasks” popup menu to view, edit, or create tasks from email:

In review, for any individual box, you now know how to:

  1. Open the ‘Tasks’ popup menu
  2. Create a new Task (and then hopefully assign it to someone else)
  3. Give the task a ‘Due Date’ … and automatically sync with Google Calendar!
  4. Work with tasks anywhere in Gmail

Free and Starter users may create up to 20 total tasks for free to test this feature. Corporate Plan users may create an unlimited number of Tasks.

Final Note: Replacing “Make Task” and “Reminders”

Tasks is replacing both ‘reminders’ and ‘make task’. Note that all existing data from ‘make task’ or ‘reminder’ will be transferred automatically for you.

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