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Completing the feedback loop with contacts and organizations improvements

Completing the feedback loop with contacts and organizations improvements

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Contacts and organizations help you track all of your team’s emails in contact and organization pages, send personalized mail merges, and reach out with one click. Your contacts are the backbone of your CRM, which is why we’re always working to improve them.

Since launching contact and organization pages, we’ve listened to your feedback and have made several updates to help you build relationships with people and companies in your pipelines.

Contact and organizations in the sidebar

Now when you click on a person or company in your pipeline, you’ll see their information in the sidebar so you can continue to draft emails and update your pipelines without disrupting your workflow.

You can also view all of the boxes associated with that contact or organization in your sidebar.

Click the “Open contact” icon in the sidebar to view their full contact or organization page.

Hover over your contacts to reach out with one click

We’re placing shortcuts to send an email, schedule a meeting, or start a conversation front and center. Hover over a contact in the sidebar and box view or click on a contact in your pipeline to quickly get in touch with your contacts.

Update the company field to create an organization

Update the Company field and automatically create an organization to track all of your contacts and emails at one company.

Organization names in search results

We updated the format of organizations in your search results to show the full organization name, rather than *, which we admit was rather jargony.

Delete contacts and organizations

You can now delete contacts from their contact or organization page to root out duplicates or mistakes.

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