Mail Merge

Send mass email from Gmail

Fun With Mail Merge

Craft Effective Sales Messages

Mail Merge is the fastest way to contact a large number of people with a customized, personal message. Address recipients by name, include relevant details specific to each person, and maximize your messaging.

Quickly Update Users on Support Issues

Hiccups happen to everyone from time to time. When bad luck strikes, you need to update customers quickly. Send one personal, helpful email to everyone affected by a particular issue.

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Simple Mail Merge Inside Gmail

Pull Data From Email

Use the information you’ve already created about your contacts to create simple Mail Merges.

Import Data From CSV

Easily turn an offline spreadsheet into a Mass Mail.

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Simple Recipient Selection

Send By Group

Add a specific grouping of similar contacts with one click. Or, add all contacts in just one click.

Specify Individual Contacts

Exercise maximum control by individually selecting contacts. Or, select a larger group and easily exclude specific contacts.

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Personalize With Templates

Standard Variables Ready to Use

Mail Merge comes ready to personalize your emails by name, email, and other options specific to the context of your message.

Custom Inserts

Use any field within your Streak database or a CSV import as an opportunity to customize your message.

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