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Track link clicks in Gmail

Track link clicks in Gmail

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Hitting “send” on an email can feel like you’re releasing a carrier pigeon into the unknown. For all the information you get about your carefully crafted email after it leaves your screen, you might as well be. 

Did the recipient ever open your message? Were they interested in what you had to say? What part of it was most compelling to them? 

Without tools to track your recipient’s engagement, these unanswered questions leave you with little information on how to proceed after hitting send.

Link tracking in Gmail gives you valuable insights by showing you when a recipient clicks on links in your emails. 

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<a href="#add-tracked-links" class="anchor-link">Add tracked links to your emails</a>

<a href="#link-tracking-insights" class="anchor-link">Link tracking insights</a>

  • <a href="#link-tracking-for-each-email-message" class="anchor-link">Link tracking for each email message</a>
  • <a href="#link-tracking-for-an-entire-email-thread" class="anchor-link">Link tracking for an entire email thread</a>
  • <a href="#link-tracking-in-mail-merges" class="anchor-link">Link tracking in mail merges</a>
  • <a href="#link-tracking-for-individual-mail-merge-recipients" class="anchor-link">Link tracking for individual mail merge recipients</a>
  • <a href="#link-tracking-magic-columns-in-your-pipelines" class="anchor-link">Link tracking magic columns in your pipelines</a>

<a href="#one-feature-endless-insights" class="anchor-link">One feature, endless insights</a>

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Gain insights with tracked links in Gmail

Link tracking is included in Streak solo, pro, and enterprise plans to give you even more insights in your inbox.

A screenshot of an email with Streak link tracking information

Link tracking and Streak’s email view tracking will show you:

  • Total number of times your recipient viewed the email
  • Total number of times they clicked on links in the email
  • Which links were clicked during each view
  • When the last email view took place
  • Where each view took place, if location data is available

This can help you determine if a lead is interested in your product, if a client wants to book an appointment, or if someone reviewed documents that you sent them before a call. With this information you can follow up with engaged opportunities or tailor a presentation accordingly. 

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Add tracked links to your emails 

With Streak, tracking links in your emails is as easy as dropping them into your draft. Really - that’s all you have to do.

A screenshot of an email Compose with draft and a Streak toggle window for email tracking

Any time you add a link to an email, Streak tracks if and when the link was clicked and gives you a history of email views and link clicks for each message. Without changing your behavior, you can gain valuable insights to prioritize outreach and follow-up. 

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Link tracking insights

Streak shows you link tracking insights on 5 different levels. 

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1. Link tracking for each email message

See how many times your recipient has clicked links in each message by hovering over the email tracking icon at the top of your message.

A screenshot of an email with Streak link tracking information

Have they read all of the emails in your thread? If you sent a link to a document that needs review or a signature, did they open it? If you sent a link to a special offer, were they interested enough to engage? 

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2. Link tracking for an entire email thread

Open the Streak email tracking sidebar to see a history of email views and clicks for your entire email conversation. 

A screenshot of Streak history of email views and clicks for the entire email conversation after opening the email link tracking in the Streak sidebar

Did the recipient click a link multiple times right after you sent it? Have they clicked on certain links more than others in your messages? Do they keep going back to a certain link? If so, they may be worthy of some targeted follow-up.

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3. Link tracking in mail merges

Tracking clicks on links helps you understand which of your mail merges are performing the best so you can continue to optimize your messages and follow-up. 

A screenshot of email link tracking in mail merges

Find link tracking data along with email view tracking and replies in your mail merge lists. 

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4. Link tracking for individual mail merge recipients

Dive deeper into individual recipients in each mail merge to see who has clicked links in your messages.

A screenshot of link tracking for individual mail merge recipients

If somebody has clicked on an offer you sent, perhaps you want to follow-up individually to answer any questions or let them know how much longer they have to redeem the offer.

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5. Link tracking magic columns in your pipelines

Whether you sent individual emails or a mail merge to a list of your contacts, you can find link tracking data in the Total Links Clicked and Last Link Clicked magic columns in your pipelines. 

A screenshot of email link tracking magic columns in Streak pipelines

Having this data in your pipelines means you can filter, sort, and group boxes in your pipeline by how many times they clicked your links, or when they last clicked a link in your most recent email. That means more targeted follow-up for engaged leads and more wins for you and your team.

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One feature, endless insights

Link tracking provides a datapoint that can help you determine anything from whether a lead is interested in your offer to whether a potential partner has reviewed your pitch deck before hopping on a call. 

No matter how you use link tracking, it will help inform how you want to follow up and structure your next conversation. 

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