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Streak Gmail Add-on for Android and iOS apps

Streak Gmail Add-on for Android and iOS apps

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Streak doesn’t have an integration with Gmail, we are Gmail. Because we’re the only CRM built into Google, we’re used to hearing from users that Streak is as important to their business as is Gmail.

Today we’re proud (was hard keeping this secret!) to partner with Google to launch the new Streak Gmail Add-on which will bring Streak inside your native mobile Gmail App (Android today, iOS launching shortly).

We’re excited to say we’re now available anytime, anywhere, on any Android device (iOS soon). Already sold? Get the Add-on here or get help installing here.

Rich Streak Context in Email

Until today, Streak access on Android was only available via the Streak App. Our Add-on brings Streak inside your existing Gmail App on your phone or tablet. Browsing your inbox with rich box and contact information, replying using Streak snippets, and adding/removing messages from a Box are all now available inside the native Gmail mobile app, just like the Desktop version.

Getting started is easy! After you install the Add-on, open an email inside the Gmail App and Streak will appear in the Add-on section at the very bottom of the message.

Browsing pipelines, making field edits, and other Streak-centric activity will still be done using the dedicated the Streak App. The Add-on and our native App is directly linked, so you can create a new Box while viewing an email in Gmail and then move directly to editing all the fields in Streak with a single tap of the ‘open’ button.

At launch, our Add-on includes support for:

  1. Add or remove a Gmail Conversation to a Streak box (from the native Gmail App)
  2. View Streak Box, Contact, and Organization information
  3. Make basic Streak Box updates (change stage, update Box Name)
  4. Full screen view for Boxes, Contacts, and Organizations
  5. Reply to email using snippets
  6. One tap access to the Streak Android App (for detailed box view/edits)
  7. Both G Suite and Gmail accounts

I already have Streak on my desktop, what’s the deal with the Add-on?

If you‘re already using Streak inside Gmail on your desktop, our new Streak Add-on will enable Streak inside Gmail on your mobile device.

Nothing changes on your desktop after installing the Add-on. You’ll never have to think about using the Add-on or not — we’ll just show you the best version of Streak whenever and wherever you’re working.

Gmail Add-ons are installed directly on your Gmail account, so you only need to install the Add-on once for it to work across all your devices.

P.S. Like the Streak Gmail Add-on? We’d really appreciate if you could rate and review us here. Thanks!

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