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Streak Gmail CRM add-on for Android and iOS apps

Streak Gmail CRM add-on for Android and iOS apps

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Streak doesn't have an integration with Gmail; we are part of your Gmail inbox.

Our customers already know and appreciate this: When you open Gmail on your desktop, you don't have to open another app or browser tab to access your CRM capabilities.

Streak lives right inside Gmail.

Streak's Gmail Add-on means you can also access the Streak CRM system right inside your Gmail inbox on mobile devices. 

‍We partnered with Google to launch the Gmail CRM add-on, and you can use it with both Gmail and G Suite accounts on your phone or tablet.

📧 Download Gmail app for Android
📧 Download Gmail app for iOS

What's the difference between an Add-on and a mobile app?

Great question!

Streak Gmail Add-on

The Streak Gmail Add-on allows you to access some of your Streak data, like box name, email tracking, and snippets, inside the Gmail mobile app.

Streak's Gmail Add-on on an Android device

As the name suggests, it adds some Streak information onto the Gmail app for each operating system, Android and iOS.

Install Streak's Gmail Add-on for Android and iOS devices

Streak's mobile app

Streak's mobile app is a standalone app built by the Streak team that closely resembles your desktop experience with Streak, just on your mobile device.

Streak's mobile app for Android

The mobile app, which has the same familiar design as the desktop version, allows you to find and edit more of your pipeline information.

🍎 Download free Streak mobile app for iOS
🤖 Download free Streak mobile app for Android

What can you do with Streak's Gmail Add-on for Android and iOS?

Use snippets with Streak Gmail Add-on

Once you install Streak's Gmail Add-on, you can use the Gmail app to:

  • Add and remove emails from a box
  • See Streak box, contact, and organization details in your inbox
  • Change the stage and update a box name
  • Use snippets in your email drafts and responses
  • Switch to the Streak mobile app with one tap
  • Add or remove new contacts
  • Manage form submissions & marketing campaigns

Should I use the Gmail add-on, the Streak app, or both?

There's no need to choose! You can access your pipeline information using both the Gmail Add-on and Streak's free CRM mobile app.

When to use the Streak Add-on

Tl;dr: The add-on is really useful on Android, but you can stick with the Streak mobile app on iOS.

The Streak Gmail Add-on is great if you use the Gmail app on an Android phone or tablet. It will help you organize your emails into pipelines or use your Snippets in the Gmail app.

Since we built a mail client into Streak's iOS app, you can already access your Gmail inbox via the Streak CRM app on an iPhone or iPad.

Streak's iOS mobile app with Gmail inbox functionality and email view tracking

That means you don't really need to use the Gmail app and Streak Add-on on your iPhone or iPad – instead, you can manage your inbox through the Streak mobile app.

When to use Streak's mobile app

The Streak mobile app allows you to view and edit much more detailed pipeline information from your phone or tablet, as well as create follow-up tasks, call logs, and more.

If you ever need to edit or update your pipeline when you're not sitting at your desk or on your laptop - make sure you have the Streak mobile app!

How to install and use Streak's Gmail add-on for Android or iOS devices

Once you install Streak's Gmail Add-on, you'll start seeing a Streak icon at the bottom of your emails in the mobile Gmail app.

🤖  Android devices: Install on Android

  1. Install the Gmail app for Android
  2. Install the free Streak CRM for G Suite add-on
  3. Open the Gmail app on your Android device
  4. Open an email and tap the Streak icon at the bottom of your email messages

🍎  iOS devices: Install Streak Gmail Add-on

  1. Install Gmail app for iOS
  2. Install free Streak CRM for G Suite add-on
  3. Open the Gmail app on your iOS device
  4. Open an email - Streak add-on will be available at the bottom of the message

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What are the benefits of CRM add-ons for businesses?

Using the Streak Gmail add-on comes with a few benefits. Aside from the ability to access your CRM from multiple devices, you may also expect to:

  • Have the ability to manage sales leads remotely
  • Manage customer and contact leads via message
  • Provide solutions for customer support and sales tools for your team
  • Connect to company resources from any device

In 2024 and beyond, it’s essential to be able to manage your database from anywhere. That's why having the Streak Gmail add-on is a no-brainer.

Ready to bring your client relationship to a new level?

If you're not one of the over 750,000 people actively using Streak, you may be missing out. Start streamlining your client relationships and managing your operations more effectively by requesting a free trial today!

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