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November 16th: Bug fixes and improvements

November 16th: Bug fixes and improvements

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Our eng team is always busy, although their work can take on many different forms. In addition to building big new features into Streak, they fix bugs and keep everything looking sharp.

Here's a roundup of some recent fixes and improvements.

📊 "Boxes by column" report

Creating a report of boxes in your pipeline broken out by the values in a particular column was exceedingly difficult because you weren't able to specify a column. This has been fixed so you can slice and dice your data every which way.

📦 Box indicator settings

Did you know you can choose how much information about your Streak boxes and pipelines shows up in your inbox? Previously, if you chose "none" you'd still see a small indicator if an email in your inbox was included in a Streak pipeline, but this has been fixed.

⚙️ Duplicated Streak settings

In some cases, Streak Settings options would be duplicated, showing each setting twice. This has been fixed.

📧 Variables in mail merges

Our previous version of mail merge would very occasionally send a blank variable in your message, even though it showed up correctly in the preview. The launch of mail merge with automatic follow-up fixed this issue, so you can be confident your messages are sending with all of the correct variables.

🔍 Edit mail merge helper text aligned with edge of window

With the side panel closed, the helper text for "Edit Mail Merge" was cut off by the edge of the browser window. Although quite minor, we're so excited about our new mail merge with automatic follow-up that we want to make sure it's in tip-top shape.

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