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Streak for gmail team career photoStreak for gmail team career photoStreak for gmail team career photoStreak for gmail team career photoStreak for gmail team career photo
Streak for gmail team career photoStreak for gmail team career photoStreak for gmail team career photoStreak for gmail team career photoStreak for gmail team career photo

How we work

and the values we stand by

Invest in tooling

We love investing in modern tooling — strongly typed front end code, easy to debug and log backend code, continuous integration with rigorous tests, and single command deploys. We score 92% on The Joel Test.

Humanize code reviews

In-person code reviews that are fast for bugs and deep for new systems. At large companies, the code becomes the tragedy of the commons, at Streak, we promote shared ownership.

Put the user first

We talk directly to users and cross functionally with user experts; no bureaucratic layers of communication. Engineers are empowered to make product decisions but know when to ask questions.

Always be learning

We have agency in our own career development and get support to learn new things. Ownership and autonomy accelerate this.

Focus on big meaty work

We believe in ruthlessly prioritizing our projects, biasing us towards large and impactful assignments. We’re not scared of hard problems, see the InboxSDK and our largest deployment of a Spanner graph database.

Modulate your pace

No death marches and no burnout. We work in two week feature sprints & one week bug catchups. We always know what we’re working on and why it’s important.

Be conscious of tech debt

We know when we’re creating tech debt and why, we pay it off incrementally. Giant refactors are rare but we always leave the code better than we found it.

Our Stack

Keeping it pragmatic

We build and use cutting edge infrastructure in places where we have a competitive advantage, otherwise, we value a boring, trusted and resilient stack.

React, Streams, & Flow

Modern JS tooling with React, Typescript and extensive use of Observables. Productivity++.


Brought to you by Streak — we wrote the book on Gmail integration, and made it available for anyone to use.

Google Cloud Platform

We have the largest deployment of Spanner outside of Google and collaborate with them on the platform. We run Kubernetes, Java & Kotlin on the backend.

Meet the team

Fred Wulff


Fred previously built out early versions of Google Cloud Platform, led infrastructure at Dropbox, founded two startups, and worked on the Hillary for America campaign. At Streak, he is known not only for his deep knowledge of infrastructure, his ability to build the processes needed to create a well-oiled engineering team, but most importantly his kindness and compassion. He’s always seeking feedback on what he and the company can do to better support the development of people on his team.

Fred Wulff


Dmytro Lubenets


Chris Cowan


Henry Walton


John Wells


Blake Kadatz


Andrey Gorbachev


Meichen Zhou


Borys Korobeinikov


Zach Wegrzyniak


Ruth Halteman



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