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New views and features on Streak app for iPhone and iPad

New views and features on Streak app for iPhone and iPad

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We recently added a highly-requested new feature to our mobile app for iPhone and iPad: Saved views. This new feature lets you filter and sort your pipelines to find leads and opportunities that need your attention.

While we were at it, we added new features and views to the iOS app that make the mobile version more closely resemble your desktop experience of Streak.

With a closer feature-parity, we’re betting that you’ll be able to navigate and move leads through your pipelines even faster. 

Here’s everything you’ll find in the newest version of the Streak iOS app.

Box view now shows several magic columns previously not visible on mobile

Magic columns use metadata to show information about your boxes. A range of 46 magic columns can tell you when you last had an interaction with a contact, when they last viewed your email, or how long the box has been in a certain stage. 

This update makes even more of those magic columns available on the iOS app.

Create new pipelines with templates

Pipeline templates on your iPhone or iPad more closely match the desktop experience of creating a new pipeline.

Quickly add, edit, or remove stages and data fields to customize your pipeline and begin adding details to your pipelines on the go. 

Separate Pipelines tab on iPhone version

Meet a new lead? Got an incoming customer question?

The pipelines tab on the iPhone version now lets you see a list of all your pipelines so you can quickly jump to each workflow and find or add information.

Today tab available on iPhone version

The Today tab is a popular feature on the iPad version of the Streak iOS app, and it’s nos also available on iPhone. 

This tab is your command central for everything you’ve got going on across each pipeline and workflow. This helps you quickly jump back into ongoing deals and understand where to focus your attention next.

You’ll find:

  • Upcoming tasks
  • Recently viewed and edited boxes
  • Starred saved views
  • Recent email thread activity in your pipelines

Starred saved views in Today tab

With the addition of saved views in the iOS app, it’s worth a special mention that starred saved views can be found in the Today tab for easy access to your most important boxes. 

A few saved views that may deserve a star include: 

  • My leads
  • No contact in 7 days
  • Deals closing today
  • Property showings today

Pipelines shown in same order as desktop version

Having a continuation of the desktop experience on your mobile device makes it easier to work on the go without feeling like you’re context switching. 

A seemingly small but powerful update in this app version means your pipelines will now appear in the same order as the desktop version. This helps you find information faster and avoid the feeling of refocusing your eyes every time you switch from your laptop to your phone or tablet.

Filter which recent activity you want to view in a box

New filters in the box timeline let you choose which types of activities you want to see and helps you find certain call logs, meeting notes, or files faster. 

Similar to the desktop version of Streak, you can now tap to select what Streak displays.

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