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How to Grow Your Business with a Podcast

How to Grow Your Business with a Podcast

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Podcasts are all around; it’s hard to talk to another business owner without the topic coming up more than once in the conversation!

In the 2020 Podcast Study by Edison, the podcasting trend continues to grow exponentially. During the pandemic, the number of podcasters tripled in size! With more and more consumers checking out podcasts on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other podcast platforms, it’s easy to see that creating a podcast is an excellent way to get into the ears of your potential clients. With so much buzz about podcasting, how can you get in on your share of the podcasting profits?

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Utilizing Podcasts to Get the Word Out About Your Business

Producing a podcast is a great way to get the word out about your business, especially if you’re in the realm of coaching. In addition, podcasts are a great way to attract new clients if your business isn’t geographically bound by who you can service.

Besides providing great informational content on your podcast about what you do and who you want to attract for business, podcast episodes are the perfect space to pitch your ad in the beginning or midroll of each episode. Create an advertisement for your brand that leads to a specific space in your sales funnel and get your listeners onto your email list.

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Create a Voice Behind Your Brand

The popularity of podcasts comes from the ability to connect with the voice behind the brand. When listeners connect with your voice and brand, they connect with you, and that’s the first step towards acquiring a new customer.

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Market Your Product or Service Using Your Podcast

Producing a podcast is a great way to sell your product or service and an excellent way to build trust with your tribe, develop listenership, and increase your email marketing list. By offering a free value-added product, ebook, or PDF on your podcast, you can direct your listeners to your sales funnel and encourage them to purchase your book, online course, or opt-in to your email list.

Although you can also acquire a sponsor as monetization for your podcast, sponsors are often hard to come by and only cover the essential cost of podcast production, especially if you’re hiring out and delegating different aspects of your podcast. While sponsorships are an excellent way to negate podcast production costs, for most podcasters, they will cost you more time than money if you are using sponsorships for income. 

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Lynn Smargis works with podcasters to launch, relaunch, and provide quality content for podcast creatives and small business owners who are looking to start a podcast but are unsure of where to start. Find out more about podcasting, how to launch your own podcast, and how to create a podcast without the worry of podcast production by scheduling a complimentary 15-minute consult with Lynn at Write For You.

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