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How to enable caller ID for Streak contacts in the iOS app

How to enable caller ID for Streak contacts in the iOS app

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We're excited to announce our latest feature for the Streak iOS app – caller ID. 

Caller ID displays the first and last name of Streak contacts when they call your phone, as well as in the Recents tab in the Phone app. It helps you identify who is calling when they’re not already in your iPhone contacts and provides context before accepting the call.

This feature is especially useful for those who add a large number of contacts, prospects, and leads to Streak but don’t necessarily add each business contact to your phone. With our caller ID feature, you can quickly see who is calling and gain context before answering the call.

How to set up caller ID

The caller ID feature is easy to use once you have the Streak iOS app downloaded on your phone. 

Here’s how to get started: 

  1. Download the Streak iOS app and sign in using the Gmail address associated with your Streak account.
  2. At the top of the Today tab, tap the “Caller ID available” prompt.
  3. When caller ID data indexing is complete, you’ll start to receive Streak contact information when you receive a call

Streak will continually index new contacts when you have the mobile app open, so you'll always have the most recent data available for incoming calls.

Helpful tips for using caller ID

A few helpful tips will make sure caller ID works smoothly. 

More contacts = more indexing

Although indexing will happen (seemingly) instantaneously for many of our customers, the more contacts you have in your Streak pipelines, the more time it will take to index your caller ID data.

Indexing happens when your phone is awake and the Streak app is in the foreground. If you have auto-locking turned on for your phone’s display, it may be helpful to turn it off until indexing is completed. 

Phone number formats make a difference

Due to iOS number format requirements, well-formed numbers with country code e.g. +1 (777)-777-7777 work best. 

The app makes an effort to clean numbers up and fill in missing country codes with Google’s directory, but ultimately nothing is as good as entering the correct format from the beginning.

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