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Why the World Would End Without Saved Views

Why the World Would End Without Saved Views

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Hey everyone — Brian here from the Customer Success team! Long time reader, first time writer, and I’m here to tell you all about the most powerful feature in Streak: Saved Views.

Saved Views are the easiest way to find boxes to follow up with, segment your users for a mail merge, or create custom reports! Saved Views will keep you organized, focused, and help make sure nothing falls through the cracks for you or your team.

(If you’re a seasoned Saved View veteran, feel free to skip ahead to see the more advanced examples)

The Basics — Getting Started with Saved Views

The three main components to Saved Views (Filter, Sort, and Group) help you to find only relevant boxes and then customize how you see your results.

Our beautiful new toolbar by Henry!
  1. Filter — Show a specific subset of your Pipeline matching your criteria
  2. Sort — Define the order of Boxes based on a column
  3. Group — Select a column by which to group your Pipeline (the default is Stage)

Use one or all three of these options to view your Pipeline exactly how you want. If it’s a set of boxes you’ll want to see on a regular basis, use the “Save as New View” option and enter a name to create the Saved View.

Like with other aspects of Streak, Saved Views are shared with everyone so that you can better collaborate with your team on a day-to-day basis!

My First Saved Views

When *I* was getting started with Streak, Saved Views was one of the first features I learned. I’ve listed out some of those below to help *you* get started too!

See the boxes assigned to me (“me” refers to the person logged into Streak):

And the results! You’ll notice the Assigned To column only has my name and if

Andrew Stewart

were to open this same Saved View from his Gmail, he’d only see the leads assigned to him. Because it’s shared, one Saved View can be used by the entire team!

See the boxes in the Closed-Won stage sorted by Deal Size Z-A (large deals shown at top) and grouped by Region:

See the boxes in the Closed-Won stage where the Close Date was last month, and then group by who the box is Assigned To:

Saved Views Everyone Should Use

See the boxes where you are assigned a Task that has not been completed, and the due date is in the past:

See the boxes NOT in the Closed-Won and Closed-Lost stages where Date Last Updated is before 90 days ago (easily find stale boxes — adjust days per your process):

You can also use Date of Last Stage Change

See the boxes where Product Type OR Region are not set AND the stage is not Lead (double check data is being entered before a box is moved out of the Lead stage… or, if you want to enforce this as required, check out data validation):

Use a combination of “Any” and “All” to improve your Saved Views

My Favorite Saved View — If You Only Use One Saved View, This Is It!

Everyone should be using some form of this last Saved View. Whether you using Streak for sales, real estate, hiring, etc, you can combine Saved Views and Magic Columns to make sure nothing ever falls through the cracks!

In the below example, I’m looking to find my active boxes that haven’t been contacted in the past week. The best part is that as I reach out, the Magic Column will automatically update causing the Saved View to update as well! It’s especially powerful when you mark it to “Show in Inbox.”

See the boxes assigned to me, not in the Closed-Won or Closed-Lost stages, where the Date of Last Interaction is before 7 days ago:

Managers can remove the Assigned To filter to track their whole team

If you filter out all boxes of a certain stage, Streak will automatically remove that stage from the visualization

Additional Customization Unique to Each User

After you and your team have six or more Saved Views in a pipeline, Streak will only show the four most recently created (you can find more info on Saved Views management in this post). To make sure you see the Saved Views that are most important to you personally, click the star next to the Saved View name.

All starred Saved Views will be shown below the pipeline (I currently have 10 Saved Views I open on a regular basis).

Each user’s starred views are unique

Pro Tip: Highest form of Feedback from Streak

You may also notice a small checkbox with the word “Show in Inbox” on the opposite side. It does exactly what it sounds like it does — it shows the results of your Saved View at the top of your inbox in Gmail! This is great because the results of your Saved View are in your face whenever you open your inbox.

When you open your inbox in the morning, you’ll immediately see which boxes need attention!

Using Saved Views to Generate Reports

In the below clip, we’ve filtered to only see boxes in the Closed-Won stage and then grouped by Close Date where each group is a month. From that view, we apply a custom visualization, and then ‘Add to Reports Dashboard’:

Coming Soon to Saved Views!

We’re constantly working hard to improve Streak (see log here). Here are some improvements were currently working on or will start working on soon:

  1. Improved/prettier menu toolbar (… launched! shoutout @Henry — do you want your work to directly impact a product with 2M+ installs?
  2. Filtering on whether or not a box contains a Contact or Organization
  3. Filter and sort your results (i.e. group by ‘City’ column and then only show cities with 5+ boxes, sorting those cities A-Z)

Need some help making the Saved View your team needs? can help!

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