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Using Streak to Stay On Top Of Your Important Deals

Using Streak to Stay On Top Of Your Important Deals

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Keeping your leads and prospects warm is an essential part of an effective sales process. Last week we released an update to Streak that will make sure you’re always reminded of the important leads that you haven’t touched in a while so you can make sure they never go cold.

The great thing about this feature in Streak is that once you set it up once you’ll get reminded automatically without having to manually add reminders for each lead.

This blog post will be a quick guide on how to set this up.

First I’ll start with the normal view of our example Sales Pipeline.

The first thing that I want to do is see which of these deals I haven’t exchanged an email with for a while. To do that I’ll create a filter using the new filter interface.

First, click on the Filters button in the top toolbar, that opens up the Filters interface above the table

The new Filters interface lets you construct any combination of conditions to achieve essentially any set of boxes that you’d like. As I said above I want to only show boxes where there hasn’t been an email exchanged in over 7 days, so first thing is to choose the correct field. I do this by clicking “Choose Column”

There are many fields I can filter on including the custom columns I’ve added, or one of the many built-in fields that Streak provides for me. In this case I’m going to filter on “Date of Last Email”.

Next I’ll choose the Comparison operation. In this case it’s going to be “Before

And I want that to limit the filter to boxes where the last time I exchanged an email was more than 7 days ago. So that’s what I’m going to choose for the value:

Now my filter will look like this:

And just have to click “Apply” to activate the filter. Now I see that there are just a few boxes.

so I can go in and send an email to those people.

While I don’t have anybody in the Closed-Won and Closed Lost stages right now I might, but I still don’t want them to show up for contacting. So what I’ll do for them is add some extra conditions to my filter so the boxes in those two stages get filtered out as well.

I do this by clicking on the Edit Filters link and modifying the filters to look like this:

The next great that to do is leverage the fact that Streak is in my inbox — I want to see my cooling deals right in my inbox so I can act on them whenever they pop up without having to go to the pipeline first. To do that I’ll use the Heads Up feature of Streak.

So now, whenever I go to my inbox I’ll see the deals that I haven’t given attention to, and then take appropriate action.

As with all things in Streak we’ve made setting up these filters and Heads Up extremely flexible so you can set things up however you’d like.

Try it out and let us know what you think, thanks!

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