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Using Streak for a Career Search

Using Streak for a Career Search

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Where are you in your job search? Have you discovered the stress of balancing multiple priorities, the hassle of managing your contacts, and the difficulty of organizing the process effectively?

Streak’s Career Search pipeline can enhance your productivity: track your contacts, emails, notes and deadlines efficiently in one place. Manage your time better. Focus on what matters to land your dream job.

Let me show you how it can assist you in four simple steps!

Step 1: Install the Streak extension by visiting

Step 2: Create a new career search pipeline

Click “new +” to create a new pipeline.

Scroll down and click “Career Search”.

Now you’ll have a career search pipeline with a tracker telling you visually which stage you are in the process for each company. There are six stages:

1) My Network

2) Chat Scheduled

3) Researching Company

4) Submitted Application

5) Interview Scheduled

6) Received Offer

1) and 2) are for tracking contacts and 3)-6) are for tracking companies.

You’ll also have the following pre-made columns for your individual contacts and/or companies: Name, Company, Position, Referral Method, Email Addresses, Notes, Personal Information, Stage, Date Last Updated, and Date of Next Reminder.

You can easily delete or add custom columns by clicking the upside down triangle in any column. You can also re-arrange the order of the columns by dragging an individual column to its new placement.

Step 3: Input your contacts

If you have an excel file, you can import your contacts by hitting “More” at the top of the screen and clicking “Import CSV File.” Just make sure your excel file has the same headings as your columns and is saved as a CSV File.

If you are starting from scratch, it’s really simple to add contacts. Here’s how you add the first contact. Click the arrow on the left side of the first stage, “Contacts/Networking” to highlight that stage. Then click “+ New Box.” A new row will appear under the bolded stage.

In the new row, type in information about the contact’s name, company, position, and so forth.

Then, click on the Streak box icon on the left of the contact, and you’ll come to a more detailed page for your contact. To a contact, you can 1) Add files, 2) Set-up email filters, and 3) Add reminders that will be emailed to you.

Here’s an example of me setting-up an email filter so that in the future, all emails from Oliver, are automatically stored with this contact

You can also add emails from your inbox directly by clicking on the Streak icon and choosing the contact box to filter to, shown below.

The best way to track your contacts is to use the “Stage” column. If you’ve scheduled a meeting with them, change the stage to “Chat scheduled,” else, keep them in the “My Network” stage.

Step 4: Input companies you’re interested in.

Here’s a series of screenshots showing me inputting the company Goldman Sachs and all relevant information. In the “Name” column, I’ve put the industry followed by my ranking for the position in that industry.

With these steps, you’re all set to start your career search using Streak!!

If you’d like to become a power user, read on. Here are four recommended tips that will save you time.

Power Tip 1: The color-coded tracker is a great visual to see how many contacts and companies you’re talking to, and where you are in the process.

It’s important to update your “Stage” column so your tracker is up-to-date. Go to the “Stage” column for the contact or company, and choose the correct stage from a drop-down menu.

Power Tip 2: When sending emails, you can delay send, sort to your contact or company, create or use an email template with Snippet, and/or track if your email has been read.

Power Tip 3: To see all your contacts at one company, sort the company column.

A note about the author:

Stephanie is an MBA student at Harvard Business School. She and her classmates have been using Streak’s Career Search pipeline to track their networks and organize their job searches. If you want to start a conversation tweet @LandDreamJob.

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