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The CRM that lives inside Gmail.
For sales, marketing—everything.

Track team workflows from start to finish. All from your inbox.

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Stop bouncing between legacy tools. Stay in Gmail.

You spend most of your working time in Gmail. So why not have your CRM there? Here are the benefits:

  • No manual record entry. Streak automatically pulls Gmail conversations into your CRM.
  • No complex CRM onboarding. Streak works instantly — it adds to Gmail in seconds.
  • Stay in one app. Drastically cut down browser tabs.

Working in Gmail is a dream workflow. Don't believe us? We have 677,626 users on the Chrome store. And a 4.5 star rating.

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Other CRM's are overly complex.

Streak adds to Gmail in seconds. You know how to use Gmail, so you already have all the training you need.

When a CRM like Streak is easy to master, everyone on your team actually uses it. With Streak, it’s realistic to finally upgrade everyone to a CRM-based workflow.

The benefit? They’ll be more organized, they’ll better manage email at scale, and they’ll communicate better with the team.

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"Streak is the sort of app that you’d expect Google to build.”

Everyone on your team should use a CRM. Not just sales reps.

Deal flow

Reach out to people at scale. Manage back and forth easier than ever before. Intuitively stay within your inbox.

Use Streak for Deal flow


No need to switch from email to an external ATS. Track applicants where you actually talk to them — in Gmail.

Use Streak for Hiring


Turn your inbox into a customer support platform. You already use Gmail. Level up and retain your existing workflow.

Use Streak for Support


Manage pipelines and team activity in one place. Plus, get visibility into reps’ communication. No need to be CC’d.

Use Streak for Sales


Attract more clients and grow your existing relationships. Unify communication across your whole team with ease.

Use Streak for Partnerships

Real estate

Manage leads and follow up with your clients. Track the status of every transaction all inside Gmail.

Use Streak for Real estate
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650,000+ Users

4.5 stars on the Chrome store

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"Best CRM for Gmail users"

Liston W., Link to review

"Streak is full of features that help us KILL IT in Gmail."

"Simple Gmail Add-on to manage a sales pipeline."

Carlos S., Link to review

"Amazing CRM That Finally Makes CRM Useful"

Jeffrey S., Link to review

Professional email features added to Gmail.  The largest sales teams in the world use Streak.

Gmail doesn’t have the features you need to send personalized emails and manage your conversations at scale. Streak adds pro functionality to your inbox. Saving you hundreds of hours.

View Tracking

With Streak, see the viewing history of every message sent.

  • See who saw your emails — and when.
  • Sort emails by which need responding to the most.

Get transparency into what happens to your emails.

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You lose hours every week by typing out the same emails. Streak Snippets let you insert templated emails directly into Gmail, so you send emails faster. You can save subject lines for re-use too.

  • Choose any snippet you need — with just one key command.
  • Works for new emails and responding to existing ones.
  • Share your best-performing Snippets with your team.

Mail Merge

Personalize emails in just a few clicks.

  • Personalize emails by recipient name, company details, or any data in your pipeline.
  • Use contact data from within Gmail to personalize your messages. Or import data from a CSV.

Send Later

Want to make sure your emails are read? Use Send Later to help send emails at the perfect time!

  • Schedule emails at times leads are likely to respond.
  • Schedule follow-up emails before a meeting or presentation, so you never forget to finish a conversation.
  • Never miss a moment to strengthen relationships: Keep leads delighted by wishing them a happy birthday — while you remember.

Know how to use Gmail? 
Then you know how to use Streak.

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