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Import (and update!) Streak from Google Sheets

Import (and update!) Streak from Google Sheets

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Creating and updating Boxes at scale is now easier than ever with our brand new Google Sheets Import tool. Install the add on, map your fields, and… that’s it! We’ll take care of any fussy formatting so you can load your data with minimal effort. We’ve taught the Import to easily manage:

  • Mixed date formats
  • Sheets with duplicate Box names
  • Creating new Streak tag or dropdown Column options from Sheets
  • Multiple imports to the same Pipeline from the same Sheet

… and more! Not only does Import simplify the behind the scenes work, it’s also easy on the eyes:

You can find the Google Sheets Import right next to the legacy CSV feature:

For most Imports, a simple point and click mapping of fields is all that is needed to start working on your Boxes in Streak We’re very happy to announce we’ve added in several requested ‘quality of life’ Advanced Options that will make scaling up new Pipelines faster and easier:

  • Create missing stages: If importing to a Stage, if the data in your Sheet does not match an existing Stage, you may create during Import.
  • Create missing field options: If importing to a Dropdown or Tag column type, if the data in your Sheet does not match an existing dropdown option, you may create during Import.
  • Ignore header row: By default, this is checked and we will ignore the first row (headers) of data.

As a final step, we check your data for anything that would cause an issue during Import. We’ll offer you clear, specific feedback if the Import detects anything. In this example, we’ve inadvertently tried to import 2 rows that have the exact same name — to prevent duplicates, Streak shows us what the error is and where on the Sheet it’s happening:

Update Existing Boxes via Import

One more thing — let’s add an update feature to the Advanced Options section:

… selecting ‘Overwrite’ is all you have to do to start updating the fields of your boxes during Import! During import, we will match the row in your Sheet you indicate is your Name field, and then:

  1. If match between Sheet and Box name is found, Streak will update that Box
  2. If no match is made, Streak will import a new box

Finally: After you’ve successfully completed an import, we’ll remember all of your settings. If you want to use the same sheet to import to the same pipeline again in the future, we’ll remember all of your settings. Just paste your data and hit ‘reimport!’

(Note: As of Thursday, March 16, ‘Overwrite existing’ is rolling out in stages to all users. If you don’t see it immediately, check again in a few hours)

Compliments to Henry and overall feedback:

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