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Export to Google Sheets

Export to Google Sheets

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Designing our Pipelines off of Spreadsheets gives Streak several advantages beyond offering an intuitive experience. Because spreadsheets are the default way to move information, we’re ready to either accept or deliver your data in the easiest possible way. Today we’re announcing our integration with Google Sheets expands from Import to now include Export to Google Sheets. Combined with our existing Import from Google Sheets, it’s never been easier to move Data into or out of Streak.

All New: Google Sheets Integrated Export

Our new Export to Google Sheets does everything the legacy CSV download feature did — and much more! Export now supports:

  1. Export Boxes, Contacts, and Organizations
  2. Export to a new Sheet OR Export to an existing Sheet
  3. Export only the Boxes shown in your Saved View (or, individually select)

The ‘Export Boxes’ option is found in the same place in the Pipeline ‘More’ menu:

Now Exporting More Data

We sincerely appreciate all the feedback on our new Contacts feature! The response has been overwhelming, and we’re happy to say you’ve already created over a million Contacts! Using our new Export tool, you can export Contacts and/or Organizations from any pipeline directly into Google Sheets. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to create a backup or have an occasional need to share your Pipeline outside of Streak, your data is easily accessible:

Choose Boxes to Export

Selecting which Boxes to Export is as easy as individually selecting the desired Boxes directly in the Pipeline OR using a Saved View. We’ll either only Export the individual boxes:

OR, with a Saved View applied, we’ll only export the Boxes matching your filter:

Export as an Ongoing Process

If you manage a workflow with an ongoing need to export, the ‘Export to Existing Sheet’ will immediately reduce manual effort. Using the ‘Export to Existing’ option, you’ll be able to:

  • Create custom analysis (we do offer reporting right inside Streak, see here) in Google Sheets based off your Streak Export. In the below example, the Chart on the front ‘Reports’ tab reads off export of ‘Today’s Boxes’ from Streak. Each export would result in an updated front Reports tab:
  • Use a Saved View to easily only export new Box data (for example — depending on your view) for your email marketing tool (or — use Zapier or the API to connect the two tools directly and skip the export). We’ll replace existing data with the fresh export.

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